Anemone Kitson: Undercover Mermaid

The very best four words I’ve written today. It’s been a doozy. (C’mon, I’d watch it! I bet when NBC cancel The Bionic Woman they come knocking at my door.)

I am cross with myself, as I managed to miss both Flight of the Conchords and Charlie Brooker’s Screen Wipe last night, due to them being

a) on BBC4
b) do you need more than that?

For fear of missing more vital televisual delights, I have carefully scoured today’s Radio Times online, and found no equivalent peaches. This afternoon Five (not Channel Five, just Five) offered up Robin Cook’s Terminal, which I thought was in rather poor taste until I remembered that he’s already dead. (Is that worse, maybe?). BBC3 this evening has
Help Me Anthea, I’m Infested, which, rather pleasingly, suggests that the realisation ‘Oh no, my home is being invaded by a plague of vile soulless creeping things’ will inexorably be followed by a whoop of ‘ANTHEA TURNER!’ The sole highlight of the evening is ITV4’s offering of an episode of The Professionals, which according to the RT is a documentary. In which Doyle gets shot by some Chinese people. I am reminded of all those times my heart leapt when I saw University Challenge: The Professionals listed, and truly believed that my dream of Ultimate Crossover Television had come true at last…

In the absence of better (oh, who am I kidding, I am absolutely going to end up watching The Professionals), here are the Conchords demonstrating why they are undubitably the inventors of rap. There ain’t no party like my nana’s tea party…

interviews with Billie Piper about Belle du Jour: brace yourselves, Who fandom is about to explode


Cooking some kind of vegetably tomatoey thing in an effort to nourish myself. Man cannot live by bread and Haribo alone, no, nor woman neither.


4 thoughts on “Anemone Kitson: Undercover Mermaid”

  1. Wah! Also missed Conchords, as for some reason we can’t get BBC4 here in Penarth. I’m not sure if this is another of those oddities, like everything being on S4C two days later than Channel 4, or whether it’s just that our aerial is pointing in the wrong direction. Unfortunately it’s rather less accessible than it was in our flat, so I won’t be whizzing ontot he roof to waggle it about. Anyway, I loved the Youtube clip, so thanks for that. I did Watch Telly though (!) with two episodes of Heroes. I found it very odd that having watched the first two episodes last week, and then missed the subsequent six of the ‘catch up night’, I still knew more or less what was going on. Do they write these things cleverly so that you think things are happening and they’re not, or is it that they build in helpful ‘Ah yes, she was a spy’ pointers so you can work out what you’ve missed. I was intrigued.I like the sound of the mermaid, but aren’t you meant to be doing edits?

  2. Hey Susie, was down at our publishers today and I read the little excerpt of your book that’s in the SCB catalogue for next season. It looks brill – I laughed out loud! You are the new Louise Rennison, I reckon! Can’t wait to buy it for J (and read it myself!).

  3. Jess – think you missed out on one or two lovely things (like the waitress and Hiro…oh, so lovely) from Heroes. The crucial thing is that there are only a handful of the characters you actually give a toss about (Claire, Hiro, um…oh, Matt’s quite huggable), so what’s happening with Eden and the painting guy and Mohinder etc is all quite ignorable. I quite love it, though. The mermaid IS part of the rewrites, honest! One of those ‘justifying adding something at the end by putting it in from the start’ kind of things. No idea if it works, of course.

  4. MG – cheers! (Do ignore the cover mock in there, btw: was a very early and deeply ugly first draft, but was all they had by the print deadline.) Saw Invisible City in the catalogue too: AWESOME packaging. Can’t wait to get dibs on it!Deep in throes of editing so failing to reply/read your daughter’s stuff/etc but we WILL do coffee next week, when I am freed from the laptop shackles…

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