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Greetings from Bizarro World

Dear Little Me,

You know all that time you don’t spend imagining the rest of your life, because you fear it will turn out to be a bit pants and filled with gloomy window-shopping at other people’s more interesting ones? Newsflash from the future:* don’t worry so much, k? Because one day you will catch sight of a smiley lady wearing a lovely new green coat, skipping off a tube in London to meet her editor and talk bookishly like what writers do, and she is you.

Much love (and sympathetic looks at those awful specs you appear to be wearing),
Old Crumbly Me xx

The reality involves a handful more panic-infused deadlines and tax forms than the fantasy permits, but still: I do appear to be starring in the fake movie of my life where only nice things happen. I do hope the next scene involves me having a haircut. And that Angel isn’t tied up in the basement having visions. (Not having a telly is not noticeably altering the way my brain works, nor the number of TV shows I’m watching. I really am living in The Future, whee! These bacofoil knickers do chafe, mind.)

* Where they all listen to Goldfrapp, if Heroes is to be believed (about which I would say more, except I am watching it in naughtyvision and must not spoilerise nice sisterly types).

This devastating Guardian article about the abortion laws in Nicaragua. Coupled with the latest from the US, maybe my generation has some bra-burning to do after all.

Fun With Editing. Also, Fun With Writers: my meeting managed to coincide with David Levithan, Very Important Scholastic, Inc blokey and deeply brilliant YA writer himself – if you haven’t read Boy Meets Boy then you have something unique and spectacularly warm and witty to look forward to. Then I bumped into Jacqueline Wilson at Baker Street. (See? Bizarro World.) Having already fangirled one novelist that day, I didn’t say ‘hello, we met once about 6 years ago and I quite love you.’ But I’m sure I conveyed it by my general demeanour. I bet people convey things to famous novelists through their general demeanour all the time, or they’d never have time to write.

Making pea, prawn and spinach balti, aka whatsinthefreezer?curry. Surprisingly edible.


2 thoughts on “Greetings from Bizarro World”

  1. Hey Susie, I know exactly what you mean about feeling like I’m in a film thingy. It’s a good film, I like. I don’t want it to have all the ups and downs of a proper film though. Nope, that would not be ideal.

  2. I am anticipating having to best some ninjas at some point. Or possibly snog Richard Gere. (The ninjas are preferable, to be honest.)Either way, it is amusing to be living a complete fantasy. I’ve turned into Walter Mitty minus the irony: it’s all a bit peculiar.

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