Down at the bottom of my garden…

Are fairies, obviously. They appear to have left these behind, though.

Squllions of them appeared this morning. Browsing suggests they may be Mycena, or Psathyrella, or possibly the Shaggy Ink Cap. (Actually, they’re almost certainly not the Shaggy Ink Cap, but aren’t you pleased to have learnt there is such a thing?) I do not plan to make quiche with them, however, mainly because I am crap at pastry.

Gave me an excuse to flee the desk and sniff some grass for a full five minutes, at least.

The baffling news that NBC plan to revive Knight Rider. Surely a talking car is a bit passe for Teh Kidz in these days of GPS? The Grauniad‘s Organ Grinder column is replete with equally daft suggestions for alternative telly revivals. Give it up, chaps: better CGI might make it possible for Manimal to turn into more than two different beasties, but just how much crime-fighting can you expect of a penguin, a hamster, a manatee? It’d be panthers and eagles all over again and you know it. But props to the person who wanted Triangle to return. Personally I’d plump for The Champions, but I’d want it to be set in the 1960s and still have Alexandra Bastedo in it…

The editing lumbers on, like a donkey through cement.

Downloading Radiohead’s new album (hurrah, it’s ace), wondering why no-one on freecycle wants my broken telly (they always want broken things on there normally, boo), watching the magnificent new trailer for The Golden Compass.


7 thoughts on “Down at the bottom of my garden…”

  1. Revive? Well Blake’s 7, obviously. It’s been on the cards for a while, some guys are trying to raise money for a miniseries, Matthew Graham has muttered about it. As an old-hand B7 fan, however, I’ve heard it all before…

  2. I love the new profile picture – it is you in cutesome Pokemon person form! However, you appear to be cradling a doll? Or is my eyesight failing?

  3. MG – I fear Blake’s 7 would suffer badly from losing its innate campery, but maybe that’s just me being fond of Avon being tarty. Though Kudos (who were behind Life on Mars, along with Mr Graham) have apparently been making a post-apocalyptic ragtag fugitives-type of thing that sounds like an update by any other name. No idea when it gets onscreen, though. And then of course there’s the audio version that came out this year with a new cast: seems to have sunk, unloved by fans and ordinary folk alike.J – I do indeed appear to be cradling a doll. How scary. I wonder if the little doll is also cradling a doll, and so on and so on…

  4. And oooh! Trailer! As I have now not seen a film in the cinema for -ahem – nearly two years (motherhood, very distracting) I got quite overwhelmed at the mere idea. (That bloke, he was Bond, right? In some pants? Or something?)

  5. J – I haven’t been to the flicks in an age either, and lack a small R-shaped excuse…But yes, it looks rather fabulous (albeit involving an alternate Oxford that is rather more alternate than the book suggested, methinks), and yes, that is Mr Bond, sans pants (golly!), looking delectable in Queens Lane. Sadly I failed to be available for work the day he was reshooting at the Rad Cam and swishing about in a big cloak, but apparently he is every bit as foxsome in real life.The kid seems pleasingly understated and unstarry, too. I think it’ll be out for Christmas, so perhaps we can toddle off to a nice Cardiffian multiplex.

  6. Wah, have just seen the trailer for the Dark is Rising, having just discovered in the Guardian that the Film World has clearly been raiding the bookshelf of Me, aged 11, and is also making films of Dragonflight and the Sword of blinking Shannara, a series which even the 11 year old me got bored with after two instalments. Good grief. TDIR looks like the worst thing EVER, with Ian McShane (who has always made me feel faintly ill) as Merriman Lyon, and (I think) Keira Knightly as the the Lady. (Couldn’t have an old female character, eh? Everyone knows we women shrivel up and disappear once we pass the age of 40.) The whole thing is transposed to the US, with Will discovering he’s ‘no ordinary boy’, “I kint save the wrld. I kin even tok to a grl!” Ye Gods. I can’t look.

  7. I refuse to even refer to That Film by the name ‘The Dark Is Rising’: it clearly has nothing whatsoever to do with the book. I was so excited at the prospect of a film, and then found out Lovejoy was going to be in it, and it was all downhill from there. Bleuch.There’s a film of The Children of Green Knowe in the offing too, apparently. I dread to think what’ll be left once they remove any trace of ‘Englishness’ and insert the requisite love interest…

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