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All I Want for Christmas Is…

One of these!

I have my own wrapping paper. Nothing is more exciting than that. This is the UK booksellers’ pack, complete with text sampler and shiny mousemat. But frankly the wrapping paper is the best bit. (Don’t tell anyone I said that.)

Finished Douglas Coupland’s Microserfs: brilliant. Odd to read something net-based written in 95, so it’s a mix of the out-dated and the strangely prescient. (Also, in 95 I was checking my non-existent email on one of those screens that only showed orange text: I suspect if I’d read it then I would’ve been a bit baffled. These days I speak fluent C++, of course.) Above all, it’s bloody hilarious: At the Bellevue Starbucks, Karla and I discussed the unprecedented success of Campbell’s Cream of Broccoli Soup. On a napkin we listed ideas for new Campbell’s soup flavours: Creamy Dolphin, Lagoon, Beak, Pond, Crack. Highly recommended if you are even vaguely of the nerd persuasion.

Still at the note-writing stage of Biscuits & Lies: have assembled lots of pieces, now need to rearrange them into some kind of convincing jigsaw-type-thing. Or just start writing in the hope that they’ll all leap to life and dance into place, Disney-like, as I type. *shrugs* You never know. I might be going to have my ‘I Am An Author’ photo taken next week, too. What does when wear when one is An Author?

Sneezing my way up the banks of the Seine in the rain (the Notre Dame gargoyles really do look like they’re throwing up all over your head when they’re funnelling the rain: tres amusant), failing at domestic goddesshood (I forgot to put the butter in my gingerbread dough: epic duh), getting excited about the Heroes finale tonight even though ‘ve already seen it. Ooh, and watching the new trailer for Prince Caspian. I always loved the bit in the ruins, waiting for them figure out what had happened…


6 thoughts on “All I Want for Christmas Is…”

  1. Cool wrapping paper! Great package! I’m excited about Prince Caspian too. My little daughter was TRANSFIXED by the first Narnia movie (fell asleep in Harry Potter tho 😦 ) and loves the series, so will be thrilled.

  2. I’m so easily entertained: send me something I have to unwrap with shiny things on it and I’m quite pleased, before you even get to the whole personalisation thing.I adored the first Narnia one: ended up seeing it twice in two days with two different sets of family, just because it was so beautiful and perfect (a hard sell given that I read them to death as a nipper). So glad to see they’ve kept the same kids in the cast: they’re brilliant.Seen Golden Compass yet? Oh, and repeat apologies for bailing on you: still feeling quite grotty, alas. But we should reschedule soonest.

  3. No, haven’t seen Golden Compass yet. Have you? Wanna go sometime? I think it’s not suitable for our little one – and our teenager likes to go with her pals, so this is probably one I’d go to alone.

  4. Excellent. Am free daytime Monday: then sometime after the 15th. Hmm: that’s possibly not excellent and actually ‘quite annoying’.When good for you?

  5. Ahem, I haven’t even seen the first Narnia film yet, let alone the Golden Compass. Am pathetic and useless. Love the wrapping paper. Is this what all our Xmas presents are going to look like?

  6. Golden Compass is good stuff, but I doubt you’ll lose anything by waiting to see it on dvd. And we must fit in a Narnia viewing over Christmas, for it is obviously perfect for such things.I sadly only have one bit of wrapping paper – but nice Kirsty in Publicity says she’ll email me the image file so I’ll be able to create some more, hee! Now all I need to do is muster some Christmas presents to actually wrap up…

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