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Hear me roar!

Or possibly just mumble a bit in a slightly incoherent fashion. I have the grand privilege of guesting on the Litopia After Dark podcast on Friday evening, and promise to do my level best to be thrillingly audible. (I could aim for debonair and sparkling but, you know, it’s been a long week: let’s not get ambitious.) Full details on how to listen (even for the technowary, or ‘Mum’, as I like to call her) at the above link – and do pop by the chatroom if you happen to be online at the right moment: I hear it gets quite racy in there…

book_mini I’ve gone on a deranged Dick Francis spree, and have been gobbling up the Sid Halley ones with abandon – including the fourth, Under Orders, which I thought I’d read and hadn’t (and quite want to copy-edit, as Sid should really be investigating the mysterious theft of multiple commas). I read a review somewhere that declared the charm of his affable, mild-mannered, stoic heroes is that we secretly all think we’re like that. Alarmingly correct, I fear.

pencil_mini See all those brackets up there? YOU HAVE NO IDEA. They’re like a plague, I tell you. As serafina67 is to CAPSLOCK, Heidi is to parenthetical asides. (I may need to get stern in the edit.)

rocrastination_mini Being overexcited about Indy 4 even though the rumour mill says turkey; being overexcited about the Dollhouse trailer even though YouTube won’t let me see the bloody thing (T, it’s the new Joss Whedon thingy); being overexcited about having a laptop that actually, you know, works; sighing at BBCW’s knicker-knotting over Doctor Who knitting patterns.


9 thoughts on “Hear me roar!”

  1. Can’t wait to hear you roar!

    You know those pesky parenthesis could be the missing commas from Dick Francis, stretched out in the heat of the sun like my cat. When you come over all stern, let me know and I’ll be there with the camera.

    The Doctor Who knitting patterns furore is hilarious, esp given that in classic 70’s Dr Who many of the aliens looked like they’d been knitted. And anyway, who needs a pattern for an adipose? They’re just cushions with arms, aren’t they?

    Look what else I found on the Beeb – a message to us all:

    Oh, thou demon Drink, thou fell destroyer;
    Thou curse of society, and its greatest annoyer.

  2. I really don’t understand the times on your blog Susie. It is not 6.30 at all. It is 12.30 and I’ve just had my lunch. At 6.30 I was lying in bed groaning and ignoring my alarm clock.

  3. Main thing I remember about the Sid Halley books is that it’s 1968 in one of them, and then in the next he’s only about four years older but has a mobile phone. It made my head ache. Lol at the ‘we think we’re like that’, I think that’s spot on!

  4. Josie: the very best Doctor Who aliens of the 70s were made from bubble wrap. Literally. There are some good visible eggboxes in Blake’s 7 too. Those were the days… And yeah, my times are all up the pole: will sort at some point. Just pretend I’m somewhere exotic till then?

    Jess: Sid Halley lives in Marvel time, clearly. The third one has some utter peaches about ‘modern technology’: someone is spying on his computer files because he has a ‘way of connecting the computer to other computers’ (apparently the word ‘modem’ was a bit risque), and there’s a very careful explanation of how analogue mobile phones work, as opposed to new-fangled digital ones (that aren’t, presumably, the size of a loaf of bread too). He loads some files onto floppy disks, too. And then in the new one, there are bendy buses all over London. Weirdness! But yes, we ARE all like that. Next time a loony wants to lop my hand off with a poker, I shall remain terribly tight-lipped about the whole affair.

  5. Your website fell over! Is your bandwidth limit absurdly low, or were there thousands of litopians rushing to find out more about you? I’m afraid I didn’t catch much of the interview – kept cutting out, and you were about 100x louder than interviewy beard chap, which was confusing. Will try and download podcast.

  6. I know! No idea what caused that: perhaps an influx of enthused litopians indeed.

    Well, I did promise to be audible… Sorry for the technical glitches: I was knackered and gibbery and set upon by distracting phone calls in the middle which was a bit of a juggle, so you didn’t miss anything earth shattering from my end. The cleaned-up, edited, sound-level-happified version should be available for download from Sunday – so you can catch it post-holiday should you choose.

  7. Hey,

    It is I, the Awesome fan (if i do say so myself ;])

    Sorry, i know i don’t really know you or are one of your friends or anything, but i wanted to just hang around on your groovy blog for a bit.

    Its really nice, you have furnished it quite well.

    Well i better be off, grrrrr, revision has to be done….

    Or does it?????


    PS. I’m really excited ’bout the new indiana jones too! I hope its not as bad as they say it is, coz the Indie filmz are some of my old time faves.

  8. Hey Susie, really enjoyed you on the podcast, you were funny and witty as ever!

    Hope you enjoyed it. Peter seems v pleased with the show.

    Hope B&L going well – let me know if you can meet up for gossip and coffee this week. Or movie viewing. There are Things To See, like Ironman and Indy 4.

  9. PartyCozWeWanna: yep, you can officially have the title of Awesome Fan. 🙂 Hope the revision is going ok: this time of year is just no fun. But I hear good things about Indy! (Well, ‘good’ as in ‘it isn’t terrible’, which is probably the most we can hope for…)

    MG: I think I was incoherent, boring and stupid, but then I think that in general, so…*shrugs* Next time I’m equipping myself with a glass of plonk: all those uncorking noises were too tempting. Movie viewing must happen next week, deffo.

    Oh, and not that anyone cares particularly, but I should just like to clarify my answer to the ‘Cheese or Time Lords?’ question, now I’ve had opportunity to ponder. If it’s Picos vs Sylvester McCoy, I shall take the cheese. Dairylea Triangle vs Patrick Troughton, then clearly Time Lord all the way. And I would not turn away Peter Davison for all the Yarg in the world. Not even if it was served on Duchy Original Oaten Biscuits. So there.

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