Moronic Belgian Armpit

All hail Wordle, rocrastination tool extraordinaire.  Feed it some text, and it spits it out looking all prettified.  Here’s a chunk from the beginning of Biscuits & Lies:

wordle cloud

I’m intrigued, and I’m writing the bloody thing.  I invite you to speculate wildly.

Then again, commentfiend Josie has worried me with her lament at my shoddy lack of updates. ‘I can only conclude‘ she says, ‘that you are a) working very, very hard, b) putting your fingers in your ears and going lalalala to the world in general or c) off in another time and space dimension with the Doctor and have forgotten that time is passing for us mere mortals.‘  You lot know me far too well, and will doubtless be able to predict the entire book just from ‘Zogpeople’.  (Obviously, it’s (c).  Though I did make sure he got me home in time to watch ‘Turn Left’, or there would’ve been trouble.  That was a bit good, wasn’t it?  And I say this as one of those people who got all sniffy about Catherine Tate last year.  ILU, Donna.  Now to endure a whole week before the next one…)

book_mini  Margery Allingham, The Beckoning Lady. Obligatory summer indulgence: reading Campion in the garden, with a very large cup of tea. It’s one of the later ones, but written as a sort of fond cover version of the early fluff: country house murder mystery starring some old familiar faces.  Tripled nostalgia.  And wondrousness such as this:

‘It’s always jolly frightening when one’s friends fall in that sort of love.’
‘Well, they’re never the same again, are they?  A fusion of metals and all that.  I mean, love isn’t a cement, it’s a solvent.’

Naturally, it’s Amanda talking sense, while Albert fusses proprietorially to no effect whatsoever.  Why she and Campion don’t have the same beloved status as Lord Peter and Harriet Vane baffles me: she might not be as prone to quotation, but she’s essentially a grown-up Petrova Fossil.  Who now helps solve mysteries.  What’s not to love?

pencil_mini  Armpits!  Zogpeople!  Wheee!  I continue to fail mightily at plot structure, but it’ll all come out in the wash, probably.  This week, I have been mostly wielding the godlike power to revive the dead.  It’s really quite satisfying.  I’ve also managed to whittle down my plethora of Simons, but have since discovered two people called Cooper.  *rests head wearily on desk*

rocrastination_mini  Eating globe artichoke for the first time in decades, literally; failing to go on holiday; declaring ‘Stranded in the Jungle’ by The Cadets the Best Song Ever (or Best Song of 1956, at the very least).


58 thoughts on “Moronic Belgian Armpit”

  1. I have only just started watching the Donna Noble episodes, after hearing all the negativity about Catherine tate from the likes of TV reviewer James Delingpole. But they are all wrong! She is brilliant! Astonishingly good comic timing – I loved the Pompeii episode (watched 2 days ago). The way she delivers that line when she and the Doctor are in the volcano…”It’s a bit hot…” And what a great and totally original reaction for an assistant about to be killed…”Oh no, you DO NOT wanna do that…” (or whatever she said.)

    So I love her. Extraordinary actress – like all the truly great comedians can do humour one minute and pathos the next.

    Tennant, I’m afraid, is being badly shown up as rather unfunny compared to Tate.

  2. Um pretty well say hair TV still whole magnum should judgemental mothership contact exactly before kilotonne watching season attic through mags fat want way wrong choice lady people future name detective know written huge never makes total.

    Loving that and will gak it for my own blog (see, proof I have read Big Woo!)

    I am a commentfiend? Sure it was c) actually and stuck the other two in there so there was a choice. Turn Left was v good but I did miss the Doctor. I wondered if Tennant maybe demanded a payrise after the previous week when it was all him and Donna was in the spa. And maybe they said okay you can have x pounds per minute yr on the screen, mwahaha, in that lovely BBC manner.

    Although I have been dreaming this weekend about big scary insects crawling on my back. A step up from robot lego monsters but still not good.

    To continue convo from previous massive thread – discussion of babysnacks over curry better than discussion of baby sick over curry? (or indeed, baby sick over curry without the discussion)?

  3. MG: I LOVED the Pompeii one. Wait till they meet Agatha Christie…and she was bloody inspired this week. What’s really stuck out for me is how much I’ve ended up hugely liking a character I could. not. stand. when she was first introduced: grand stuff. No idea whether the kids are remotely interested in the adventures of a distracted 30+ woman whose marriage went wrong on account of Giant Spider, but who cares when us old gits get telly this good? And I prefer toned-down Tennant: all the gurning of the last couple of years was getting a bit wearing. It’s been so brilliant this year: am geeking out like a loon in anticipation of next week…

    Josie: uncanny how accurately you have winkled out every last niblet of plot there. WRITTEN HUGE NEVER MAKES TOTAL. Let that be a lesson to all of us.

    ‘Turn Left’ was this year’s ‘Doctor-lite’ episode: they’ve done one every year, sometimes with completely magnificent results (remember the weeping angels?). It’s just a filming scheduling thing really – hence Donna’s absence last week. Oh, I am so very nerdy.

    You’ve made me not want to eat curry for a very long time. 😦

  4. Last week’s Doctor Who was great. No Tate!! Yippee!** Plus ’twas genuinely scary (but still wayyyyyyyyyy too much incidental music annoyance. I hate Murray Gold. I hate Murray Gold. I hate his name, I hate his crapness, I hate his music. I hate him)

    This week proves I am right and a worrying amount of people are wrong. She is dreadful and she must die. I’ll show you.

    Catherine Tate has three acting tics:

    1) The one where she thins her lips, narrows her eyes, straightens her blouse and shouts “ROIGHT!”. Mrs Rarg can do a most hilarious parody of this when she joins me in belittling the Tatemonster.

    2) The squawk. Similar to 1), but more glottal. “DOCTAH!” She sounds like an indignant chicken, for heaven’s sake.

    3) The blub. An Ood dies – she blubs. Pompeiians die – she blubs. She discovers she has a rubbish giant plastic beetle on her back – she blubs. She dies – she blubs. All with far too much snot.

    Actually her performance the scene where she discovers she has a giant beetle on her back made me actually angry. I’ve just watched it again on iPlayer and I’m really irritated. Properly wound up. Look, I’ll prove it: Present me with someone from my childhood who annoys me and I’ll punch them in the face right now.

    There’s something incredibly annoying about Tate in a fundamental way. She can’t act. Her character – no matter what quasi-mystical destiny-based properties RTD has thrust upon her in an arbitrary way – is poorly developed and under-written. She carries the baggage of her inept sketch show everywhere she goes. I care not a jot for her character, to the extent that all this tedious hint-dropping that she’s about to die for the past few episodes (didn’t RTD do this to Piper in her last series of Doctor Who?) actually makes me want to shout “Wahoo!**”

    Just kill her. Go ahead. I won’t care.

    And is it just me, or have Billie Piper’s teeth got even bigger?

    *I haven’t written the word ‘Yippee!’ in years. It feels… good.
    **’Wahoo!’ isn’t quite as good though. I’ll leave that one alone for a few years more.

  5. Oh dear rarg, fear we must agree to differ (except about Murray Gold: god, what an arse, capable of buggering up pretty much anything with his EXCESSIVELY LOUD plinky bombast – where’s Dud Simpson when you need him, eh? I want hooooooooorns) – as I think pretty much the opposite.

    After The Runaway Bride I would’ve said exactly the same: that she was over-reliant on a handful of not-terribly-appealing expressions all too familiar from the also-not-terribly-appealing sketch show, and we were stuck with a boring bellowing harridan. But I ADORE Donna. She’s brainy and funny and capable of being appalled (srsly, the ghosting stuff in the library didn’t move you even the tiniest bit?) and delighted (Agatha Christie!) by the whole travelling circus of the universe, and is absolutely on my list of Top Five Who Companions to Go For A Pint With. (Which is a list I haven’t actually compiled, but now probably will…)

    I think having someone older than the norm makes for a nice change: she can still be boggled by giant wasps etc (god, she really does attract the huge creepy crawlies, doesn’t she?), still get all enlightened by timey-wimey fun stuff, but is equally believeable when taking the piss out of it all, or telling him to STFU. Which is the ultimate for me, I think: the one marvellous thing she did in her opening story was be totally unenthralled by the Magic Sparkly Doctor, and she’s carried that on, making him much less of an insufferably smug git with a tendency to get all Jesustastic. And I love Rose (though much more earlier on) and Martha (despite her getting some really crappy stories), but Tennant ‘n’ Tate/Ten ‘n’ Donna just seem a better fit to me.

    And I think the writing this year’s been flippin’ awesome, pretty much. I’ve got my niggles here and there (even with the Grand Moff, gasp!), but I haven’t got this excited about it since old Big Ears was around.

    Aaaaaaaaaand this would be why I should never mention the subject of Doctor Who in public. It’s like there’s a tiny Mrs Doyle in my ear: go on, go on, go on…

  6. Susie listening to you wittering about the Doctor and Donna is like music to my ears. You know I hated her at the beginning too (and still haven’t watched that wedding dress episode because I just refused to) but she’s been growing on me in a non-beetle manner. I have to agree with Rarg on some of the points as I really wanted to punch her a few times in the last episode, but also think that it’s pretty strong stuff and love the way that she puts the Doc in his place. Though I think this has as much to do with the writing as her acting. And yeah I knew it was all about scheduling really but enjoying the fantasy of the BBC doing that to someone, cos we all know they wouldn’t really screw someone over like that don’t we?

    Isn’t it funny that Rose was meant to be like, dead completely and never coming back and she’s been in just about every episode this series? Did you see her on the TV in the spaceship last week too? We play ‘Spot Rose’ in our household – there she is! No missed her, Doctor turn around she’s over yr shoulder! Etc.

    Sorry about the baby sick curry thing, will promise not to mention again. Is there any other food you want to avoid at the moment? Jaflon is fabulous and the curry nothing like baby sick at all, honest.

    I loved the Pompeii one as well. Actually cried I think. Rare for me, but seeing thousands of people die (real people like that really happened) does that to me. I cried all the way through Titanic as well and that wasn’t about the appalling acting.

  7. That was part of what was fun to me about the last one: seeing how much happier and thus nicer Donna has become in the non-beetle timeline than the person we first met. Doubt they’re quite clever enough to have made her intentionally hard work to like in the Christmas one, but as a way of dealing with it, it’s rather nifty. Oh, and the Pompeii one made me blub, oh yes: that’s when I knew she was going to be fab. The one this week made me cry buckets too. I am a great big pathetic girl.

    ‘Spot Rose’ was fun, if not exactly challenging. 😛 If only the altverse had given her some nicer trousers…

    If you could mentally associate baby sick with Cornetto for me, that would be grand. Actually, no, it wouldn’t. Ew. OK, don’t bother, I’ve put myself off now.

  8. Ah, will soon be reaching a time when I will dream of getting to eat curry while discussing the baby sick. It’ll just be baby sick for a while… Hey ho.

    Can’t chip in much, as I have only seen two episodes of this series – the two in the library (though I missed the first few minutes of both, which was a bit confusing) which I thought were UTTERLY brilliant. Genuinely, fabulously scary and moving (though at 7.5m pregnant, it doesn’t take much). I’m honestly impressed at how they’ve moved DN from the unbearable screeching harridan of that bride thingy to a really quite interesting character, who responds convincingly to people and situations without you feeling it’s just someone different. And I love the fact that she’s a grown up and she and the Doctor interact like grown ups, and there’s no sexual tension.

  9. If only the altverse had given her some nicer trousers… and a better hair-do – *what* was that thing with her fringe? (does that make me sound like a girly?)

    Anything that’s melted ice-cream based with flecks reminds me of baby sick. One of the reasons I can’t eat pudding at certain fast food outlets.

    I thought the library episodes were spectacular as well – especially liked the girlfriend from the future (she was v flirty!). Have now got an aversion to old books though, which is not so good.

  10. Jess – word on all of that re Donna, yep. And you’ve missed some good ones, but the Library stuff was fab (even if I thought the end was a bit meh). That said, I don’t think you should be allowed to watch any of it. Just sit very still in a darkened room, please, while floaty butterflies waft past and people feed you decaf tea. Pls?

    Josie – yeah, all round Rose has had a serious makeunder. Nothing a good sandwich wouldn’t fix, mind. And I’m not scared of books, but I am scared of dust motes in shafts of sunlight now. (And spacesuits with skeletons in them, but they’re a bit less prevalent.)

  11. Heee – treating yr sis like a walking womb! Watch what you like, Jess, but don’t scream too loudly, kay?

    I’ve always had an aversion to dust motes in shafts of sunlight, in fact I think one featured in Isabelle at a particularly spooky moment. *curses dr who team stealing my ideas*

    Re Billie needing a sandwich, I’m not saying I’d kick her out of bed. Maybe I’d make her some breakfast. *drifts off into fantasy lala land*

  12. Hey Susie,

    don’t know if you’ll remember me,i was the self-proclaimed no.1 fan??
    lol, you’ll think i’m a pure stalker or something.
    That website Wordle is really cool, where did you find it?
    I haven’t been watching Doctor Who really, I think Catherine Tate is good and all, but, she’s not my fave assistant. She’s just a bit too like her characters from her own show, you know?
    Lol, don’t really know what to say!
    Have you been watching big Brother (i know, I know, get a life :])

    well, bubi,
    (or you can call me Gillian, if you want)

  13. Hello again Gillian, welcome to the bash Donna party! Set up on Susie’s blog especially to annoy her.

    I agree a lot of the time she is too much like her usual characters which begs the question as to whether she is in fact acting or just being herself. Also, I’ve only just clocked about the wedding dress episode – that must mean there’s a groom somewhere? I know, I’m quite slow about these things, blame it on being a lesbian.

    I just wonder if that groom is ever going to turn up again, going phew that was a close shave. Can you imagine waking up to that bad temper every morning? ‘Here’s yer eggs, *slam* don’t expect any bacon cos there aint none.’

    PS. Don’t go calling yrself Susie’s stalker, cos she’s already got one – ME!

  14. Oi Josie, get your mitts off my #1 fan! You can get your own soon enough. And the groom got eaten by a spider, which was fair enough because he was evil, so you won’t be seeing him again. (Saving you the trouble of watching it, since even I don’t like Donna much in that one…)

    Gillian: hello again! Forget where I saw Wordle: one of those things that suddenly every blog you see is linking to. Bandwagons, I love em. Have been mostly avoiding BB as they seem like a fairly dull lot this year, though got sucked into it a bit yesterday to catch the girl climbing into bed with the boy to tell HIM to stop flirting with her: ummm… Oh, and that couple? The ones who look like cartoon characters? EWWWW.

  15. Have I become as daft as a mahogany frying pan?? What’s wrong with everyone?! Can’t anyone see that Donna has always been a terrible, shrieking, badly written, shallow character??!! You’re all wrong and forcing me to use too many exclamation marks!!!1!

    Mind you, bonus points to me for spotting Victoria Primary School in the last episode.

  16. I think possibly you’re just suffering from having already made your mind up, to the point where rewiring it might involve some kind of exciting surgery. I’ve got a fork and one of those things for whizzing up soup here: am more than happy to give it a go…

    I think the bonus points got to T, who was taking the kids to school while they were actually filming it. I’ve been wondering when we were going to see ‘war-torn Leeds’ from the very start. Did you know Manhattan was round the back of Cogan Leisure?

  17. I got the pushchair stuck in a pile of fake bins (there seemed to be a lot of rubbish in war-torn Leeds, that’s for sure) while trying to see if I could spot anyone famous. I think that just gets me sad points though.

    Josie – I AM a walking womb. You should see me…

  18. har! I saw the park scene in the library episode being filmed in Victoria Park – not actually inside a computer at all. So Leeds is now in the Cardiff area? Amazing isn’t it? And Donna shouted about clogs to that woman as well. Shows what she knows.

    I can add a vegetable peeler to your brain surgery equipment Susie, and I think I remember there might be some maggots involved somewhere…

    I haven’t seen any Big Bro at all. Since I applied to go on it in 2002 (or was it 2003?) and got through to the final round only to be thrown off before filming, I’ve refused to watch. They’re all tossers anyway, I was too good for it. They’ve probably still got footage of me somewhere that they’ll wheel out as soon as I’m famous enough. And then when they do Celeb Big Bro and invite me on, I’ll be able to turn them down snootily and say I wasn’t good enough for you when I was a nobody… You can see why people think I’ve got delusions of importance.

    I should be in bed. Susie I’m probably addicted to your blog. Is there a cure for that?

  19. Must look out for St Pete when I next go to Dyffryn then!

    I love playing Spot Splott when we watch Torchwood. They always seem to be running down a road somewhere in Splott and then turn a corner and suddenly they’re in the Bay. I think it’s that time and space dimension thing.

    Have you ever stood on that paving slab near the fountain and waited for Cap’n Jack to pop up? I have. 🙂

  20. Blimey, Josie, had forgotten you were almost in Big Brother. What a completely horrible idea. (Though am now intrigued to know what you did to get thrown off it…)

    Location-spotting is the true charm of Who and all its spinoffs these days. I always knew Flat Holm was full of mutant time-travellers, but it took Team Torchwood for me to discover there really were fairies at the bottom of my parents’ garden (or just down the road, anyway). Definitely more exciting than playing ‘Don’t drive down there, Inspector Morse, it’s pedestrianised!’

    Of course I’ve stood by the fountain waiting for the invisible lift! I’ve been to one of Ianto’s gigs, you can’t outnerd me, missis. 😛

  21. Susie I would never attempt to outnerd you cos you are the Queen of Nerds and I will only ever be the Princess *sobs*

    I’ve known a few fairies in Cardiff but none at the bottom of my garden (nor indeed as ugly as the ones on Torchwood).

    Big Bro’ obvs I’m exaggerating as usual. I got into the third round or something, so there were 50 people supposed to go to London for the final selection and I didn’t get into the 50. But given how tedious it was that year, even more than usual, I gather that I was probably too sparkly for them.

    Was not putting mitts on yr fan, honest!

  22. hey everyone!

    I am a big brother addict lol! Have watched it for ages, how sad 🙂
    Thats really cool yu auditioned for BB Josie, shame yu didn’t get on.
    I don’t think i could be on it to be honest, i wouldn’t like to share a house with ppl i’d never met. They always seem to choose quite extreme characters, like the girl this year who loves the cookies? HIRRAREIOUS!!!!
    lol, that couple aswell, YUK! I want them out.
    I don’t think it will last tho, i think we might get to series 11 then it will stop,


  23. That Wordle thing is TEH KEWLEST and I have duly stolen it. And played with it for many hours. It’s pretty when you put in all the DW companions’ names.

  24. Gillian: think these days you’d have to be a right loon to want to go in the BB house. Though that does seem to be one of the requirements… That argument that kicked off this weekend was just unwatchably horrible: the whole thing leaves a kind of nasty taste really, all these freaky preening people enduring each other until they can leave to the inevitable booing and one-week-only magazine spreads. Earns them a few quid but can’t possibly be worth it. Saddest thing I’ve seen so far however was the girl who wanted to do the treadmills task, but was told by everyone she was too unfit/unpopular/generally crap. And when someone was trying to boost her up again by saying there must be something she was good at, she said ‘I thought I was good at make-up, but in here I’m not even good at that.’ My heart broke for her a bit. (Although given the rest of the girls seem to have attended Bongo the Clown’s School of Face Painting, I worry at her definition of ‘good’.)

    And I said I wasn’t watching. *sighs* I’m blaming you for reminding me it was on, ok? 😛

    Elanor: soooooooooo pretty. I ended up grabbing things off the bookshelf just to see what they looked like. Joyce’s Ulysses in Wordle form = most amusing.

    Josie: V good, yep. I demand a TARDIS of my own so I can go to next Saturday and see what happens immediately.

  25. lol i know the ppl on BB all seem to have something odd about them.
    I’m sad, i like watching the arguments, did you see when the Dennis guy spat on the other one? I was GLUED to the telly and very SHOCKED.
    that is how sad my life is 😛
    You’re right, most of these ppl go on for a magazine deals and stuff, have their 5 minutes of fame, then are shoved to the side lines, which is quite sad. Most of the girls end up in page 3 and mens mags, its sick, and thats their idea of the big time.
    lol yes i take full blame for sucking you into the BB watchers club 🙂

    Who watched Doctor Who then? Shock horror!!! He’s regenerating!! And the daleks!! End of the world!!

    oooo, i luv it


  26. So David Tennant’s Doctor Who dies up the Billy Banks.

    Did anyone see that coming?? I didn’t.

  27. Josie: can’t promise it became more comprehensible in the doing of it, but ‘contransmagnificandjewbangtantiality’ looks quite classy on-screen. 🙂

    Gillian: the spitting thing was just sooo horrible to watch. Especially as the whole thing seemed to have erupted over nothing at all. It’s now just some people who hate one another arguing about nothing for an hour a night: blech. The only thing that can save it now would be introducing Davros as a new housemate: Mario would ‘kindly’ guide him around to ensure everyone knew he was sensitive towards disability, and then when they were all asleep the Dalek hordes could start the exterminating… (Why yes, I am a bit obsessed with Doctor Who. Ahem.)

    Rarg: I completely ruined that last scene for myself by going ‘Is that the Billybanks?’ very loudly and not really paying attention. I’m surprised even Daleks venture thence…

  28. It’s now just some people who hate one another arguing about nothing for an hour a night – are they stealing that idea from Eastenders?

    I do not watch Big Brother, I do not like them Sam I am.

    The doctor isn’t regenerating. I predict that something else is happening. Think about it, if he were regenerating then we’d have already had it in the papers that David Tennant was out of the show and there was going to be a new doctor. If he does regenerate then maybe he regenerates back into David Tennant again? And then everyone can say, I didn’t see *that* coming – apart from me of course who did.

    You know all you Cardiff lot are invited to my book launch, don’t you? Tell them Susie!

  29. Yeh, I don’t think its David Tennants last series. I guess we’ll have to wait till Saturday to see what happens.

    Susie: lol that would be so funny if Davros went on Big Brother, an evil mastermind talking in the Diary room would be quite funny to watch. I think though that Davina McCall could be an alien, she is so ~Freaky~Deaky~ looking.

    Has anybody read about the guy who auctioned his life on Ebay?


  30. Jos, I think I’m the only one of those wittering about Cardiff/Penarth who actually LIVES here (missed the Billybanks, but then I get to walk past them any time I like, indefinitely…) and I’m not sure a breathless, teetotal human egg is quite the adornment you need for your launch. You can tell I’m enjoying late pregnancy, can’t you… I’d love to come – if baby still in there at that point – if you can promise to introduce me to someone nice to talk to. And that there’ll be a chair to sit on.

  31. Jess, there will be plenty of nice people and some chairs and don’t worry if you’re too huge to squeeze through the door I’ll understand 🙂

    Gillian – I read about that guy and it sounds like a tempting idea. Only problem is that if I tried to sell my life at the moment my assets are so few I’d end up owing them money, sigh. Aint that something to have a huge ass and tiny assets?

    DAVros, DAVinia McCall, DAVid Tennant… anyone else see the connection here?

  32. lol i never noticed that ^

    I’m really annoyed, missed Doctor Who, will need to catch repeat *grrr*

    btw, does anybody do yoga?
    I went to a new class the other night and like a complete idiot woz laughing like a loon most of the way through *sigh* omg i mean, it wasn’t even that funny i was just really nervous!
    thankfully i was not kicked out, and i did calm down a bit (I think the insence was helping!) but, ugh, i am just so stupid.
    I do laugh alot at inappropriate moments, anyone else have this curse?!?!


  33. Watching it now on DVD cos I was away in London today. 2 Doctors!! and Donna showing she can act at last. But I won’t say any more if you haven’t watched it yet (other than I was right, just scroll up and you’ll see, mwa).

    Don’t do yoga. Karate is more my style. In yoga I think you have to stay still, don’t you? I don’t do still.


  34. yeh, i get all twitchy (lol) when you have to lie still and stuff 🙂

    I thought Doctor kinda went on a bit- i agree with you on the Donna thing, Catherine Tate managed to show she wasn’t just a class clown character.

  35. Gillian your name is getting longer and longer. I think my cat would make a good DJ. He yowls quite musically. 🙂

  36. *holds fingers in ears/eyes due to life which involves only seeing telly between 8.30 (SP bedtime) and 10pm (my bedtime), so watching repeats on BBC3 next Friday night and holding out very little hope of avoiding spoilers until then*

    Was most disappointed to discover the Billybanks aren’t in it at all, everyone’s facing the wrong way. Feel very misled. You fictioneers, you. However, a vile house that we looked at and didn’t buy (because it was vile, obv) was in the background. Feel bad that poor old Dr got shot by a dalek so close to my (actual) house and I didn’t even pop out with a cup of tea.

    Sus. I think we need you back. Your blog has turned into the Dr Who discussion zone again.

    Gillian – on the face of it, yoga is quite embarrassing, but one of the nice things about it is the chance to spend some time just focusing on your own body and what you can do with it and ignoring everyone else. If you enjoy it, and can just focus in on yourself, you’ll soon forget that you are waving your legs, bum, arms etc in the air in a rather undignified way. It’s one of the things that I rather like about it.

  37. Sorry folks, been neglecting you terribly (though for good writing-other-things reasons).

    Jess – me being back is not likely to make it less of a Doctor Who discussion zone as you well know. But I shall leave off, so you can be all unspoiled. Well, ish.

    Josie – don’t think I’ll make the launch, alas (deadline insanity is setting in here, not sure I could find my way to the train station at the moment) but if not I will be there in spirit! Or spirits. One of those.

    Gillian – you’re just trying to show up my coding skills now with your exciting long name that won’t fit in the sidebar, aren’t you? *shakes fist* I’ll fix it one of these days. As Jess said, yoga’s quite lovely if you can stop giggling at inappropriate moments (which happens to everyone – especially when the obligatory One Old Man at the back of the class otherwise full of women lets rip a huge fart in the middle of his downward dog: I challenge anyone to remain entirely focused on their chakras at such times). At the moment I’m mostly going to a class uncannily like the one in Big Woo where serafina has to stand on one leg and pretend to be an aeroplane. I don’t make these things up, y’know… 🙂

  38. hehe yes, my name is getting longer 🙂

    Quite enjoying yoga now, do not laugh as much, and coz i’m a dancer i’m already bendy lol 🙂

    the weather over here is really wierd right now (i live in scotland, and no i do not wear tartan and play the bagpipes :P) one minute its twenty four degrees, next its raining like crazy.
    What about where you guys are?


  39. Ah, but do you eat tablet? I could live on that stuff quite happily…

    It’s not so much weird here as just wet and cold and horrible. Yay summer. 😦

  40. Spent yesterday standing in rain watching the boy do raft-building and raft-sailing and raft-sinking with a group of other boys in like some teambuilding thing and ended up wetter than he was on account of the lovely Welsh summer. Prob British summer, I can’t blame Wales for this. Hence didn’t answer. Never done yoga but it seems to inspire great comedy. Thinking Victoria Wood.

  41. I hear SWales got a proper drowning compared to the rest of us, sorry. Although I suspect the ‘monsoon’ reports are a bit implausible…

    TABLET! Hurrah. Everyone else thinks it’s vile. Silly people. Mmmsugar. *performs Homer Simpson drool*

  42. Tablet is just like a lump of sugar, isn’t it? I prefer haggis and whisky. I think monsoon does describe it quite accurately actually darling. Cold monsoon. And it happened this afternoon as well but only for about five minutes from when I left work till I got to the car. Someone trying to say something to me from up there?

  43. Tablet is disgusting. It’s like Kendal mint cake, just not bothering with the mint. Ugh.

    Having been in a tropical downpour, Wed in South Wales was much worse. It went on ALL NIGHT AND ALL DAY NON STOP rather than a civilised hour or two in the afternoon and was freezing. I was at a funeral in the Rhondda – you cannot imagine anything rainier (what’s that word for when a writer uses the weather to represents everyone’s mood?). It rained IN the church, though thankfully only in the side aisles where no-one was sitting. We weren’t able to make it to the cemetery, which I was thankful for as it turned out; I think everyone must have had to do some kind of uphill white-water gorge-scramble to the graveside. Worst weather I can remember, honestly, though I am suitably thankful I wasn’t standing by a lake all day!

  44. Pathetic fallacy. I knew I learned something at school.

    (You are so wrong about tablet. Although that leaves more for me, so feel free to continue in your wrongness.)

  45. It is pathetic fallacy – Alys reminds me every time we watch a Jane Austen adaptation (though I always think of penises for some reason when the words ‘pathetic’ and ‘phallacy’ come together, but maybe that’s just me?)

    Jess you poor thing! Being in the Rhondda is depressing enough, being at a funeral in the Rhondda probably more so, but in the middle of the WORST WEATHER IN HISTORY. I pity you. I would not have wanted to be there and feel like a beached whale about to be launched back in the water. No siree! I think I had the best option standing next to the raft-building. At least I was laughing, albeit a bit manically.

    Susie you are welcome to as much tablet as you like. I don’t like rock either, so probably leave me out of sugar-munching of any variety.

  46. I like tablet, but fudge is way nicer 🙂

    really, if you want the authentic scottish taste, have some Irn Bru
    its like our religon up here


  47. Nah. I think it’s also mostly made from sugar isn’t it? Maybe it’s a solution of tablet.

  48. just remembering that old advert for irn bru. probably not on anymore due to advertising standards. I never really believed it was made with girders.

  49. I always assumed it was orange because of rust from the grrrders. Child logic.

    Irn Bru tastes a bit like fizzy dust. I shall stick to tablet.

  50. Was away on holiday in the Highlands of Scotland, which was wierd (I’m a city girl) and OMG, weather fab but in one town there is only like 5 locals and they carve horns. and a men was selling tartan shoes.

    btw just read the label on a bottle of irn bru (which i drank :P)

    Irn bru is like, 95% sugar, 5% water.

    oh well 😀
    *downs a two litre bottle*
    *sUGaR rUsH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

  51. Yay for the Highlands! Especially in nice weather! I’ve managed to get sunburned and snowed on in one day up there: spooky. Tartan shoes = excellent concept. I’m not sure there’s a thing in this world that wouldn’t be improved by being tartan. Except maybe cereal.

    *fears the Irn Bru still though*

  52. Tartan shoes, hahah! Isn’t it great how these things are made by locals and sold to gullible tourists, and the only people who think they’re hidjus are the local kids who are like, omg what are we saying about ourselves!!??! I feel the same about deep fried cream eggs in Wolverhampton, I really do.

    *fears the Gillian on Irn Bru*

    Sorry I’ve been out of the loop for a while folks – I’ve been alternately on my deathbed and wanted by the media. I’ve blogged about it so I won’t repeat here.

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