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Pretty in Pink

serafina67 en masse

Hardbacks!  Pink hardbacks!  Pink hardbacks that when piled resemble some kind of delicious mutant xylophone made from boiled sugar!  OK, maybe that’s just me having gone a bit wonk-eyed from staring at them lovingly.  But honestly, has a pile of books ever looked quite that lickable?  How handy that I have a nice three-letter word for a last name so it can fit tidily on the spine, too.  (Well done, father: impressive planning ahead there.)

For those at the back, this would be the US/Canada edition of Big Woo, which (as you might just be able to spot) is titled serafina67 *urgently requires life*.  Innit shiny?  In theory it’s released on August 1st, but the blogverse informs me it’s already been sighted on the shop floor: yay!  I get to be excited all over again, without even having to write another one.  Cunning, eh?

*toasts pile o’ books with glass of pink wine in their honour*

book_mini  Train timetables, mostly.  Though I am sneaking small doses of Douglas Coupland’s JPod every now and then, because the writerly No Books Diet is like all other diets: all I want is books, tasty books, naughty sinful calorific distracting books…

pencil_mini  Biscuits & Lies is whizzing along at breakneck speed, almost as if there were an impending deadline snapping at my heels and the prospect of going to Italy as a reward after I’ve finished it.  Or something.  I’m having a lovely time doing devious things to my poor characters and telling crap jokes, anyway, even if on occasion I’m doing it in fast forward and missing some of the best lines.  Despite it not being remotely finished, we’re in the process of settling on a title, so prepare for an exciting exclusive reveal.  (Unless we decide to call it Biscuits & Lies, in which case…um…you heard it here first?)

rocrastination_mini  Alas, precious little rocrastination time – except for the wedding of the inestimable Rarg (regular commenter and ridiculously dear old friend) to the equally lovely Mrs Rarg, which managed to cram several weeks’ worth of cheery fun into a day. ‘Wedstock’ fused marriage with the entire live music scene of Bristol, in the most apt celebration of two people’s relationship I can imagine – not to mention the whole roast pig, the flowing cocktails, and me catching up with an old school crowd I’ve not clapped eyes on in well over a decade.  I confess I was eating pig during some of the bands, but I urge you to check out North Sea Navigator (think early PJ Harvey, Levitation, a shoutier Auteurs) and Rose Kemp, who has the kind of startlingly pure voice that demands you stand utterly still and listen, pig or no pig.  And, of course, rarg‘s alter ego as one quarter of Smokehand, who seem to be expanding their ‘Scott Walker sings Tom Waits’ repertoire in the obvious direction of ska-tinged fairground klezmer.  So predictable, those boys. 😛  Highlight, however, was the performance by rarg (with smokehand!Adam on vocals) of a special song for his new missus, which reduced the entire place to sniffly rubble.  Have a glorious honeymoon, you fabulous pair.


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  1. Smokehand Adam did singing of song as he is blessed with a fine baritone. Smokehand Andy was my Best Man and guitarist in aforementioned Smokehand, and claims not to be able to sing (actually he can, but still refuses to in public on some sort of principle or other). I appreciate two A’s in one band can be tricky though, hence the difference between MIKE and MICHAEL in REM, I suppose.

    We love you, dear Susie. It was ace beyond belief having you along as our guest. Almost as ace was opening your present and finding a signing and a dedication. You don’t get that from Tom Baker in Waterstones!

    Interesting fact, fact fans: North Sea Navigator’s fine cellist (Charlotte “Chipper” Nicholls) can also be heard on the latest excellent platter by Portishead. Further name-dropping by me on request (I got, like, a billion…)

  2. Oops! By the magic of the internet, all is mended, and humble apologies to all concerned.

    Present shall soon be accompanied by proper present, once I’m less disorganised and can figure out what you don’t already have. I have lust for those recycled motherboard coasters if no one else has done the business, but will settle for a toaster or similar if that’s more handy: never know what people end up with. (This is my excuse for being utterly useless and not sorting proper present till, er, after the wedding. See, it was all my clever plan to get you something you really wanted! AHAHAHA!)

    It was bloody magnificent celling: Portishead are clearly fortunate. Really enjoyed SJ Esau, too. And all of it. Was just the loveliest day, and the two of you looked so happy and I can’t imagine how you could’ve got hitched more perfectly, really. Now go be on honeymoon and stop twatting about on the internet, you loon!

  3. Susie, giant sticks of Rhyl rock spring to mind, with Susie Day written all the way through them. Lol. Pink was mint flavour wasn’t it? I shudder at the memory. Always hated rock, but it’s so tempting in the pretties. But, um, lickable? That’s a word I usually reserve for people, ahem.

    Thnx for your comment on my blog btw. I’m now going to Swansea, Aberystwith *and* Newport forsooth! You heard it here first. Nowhere in Wales can escape the invasion of the Book of the Month wh-hoo!

    Mr Honeymoon Man – have you discovered a use for maternity thongs yet?

  4. lickable books? 😛 lol, you could make lots of money with an idea like that…..

    ooooo can’t wait for your new book!! Hee, can’t wait to read it *cough cough signedcopy hint hint*
    see, I am so subtle.

    aww, i love weddings, enjoy your honeymoon!!

  5. What about people licking them before buying, you know like you flick through a book before buying it to see if it’s something you’d want to read? If you have a lick and then decide you don’t want it, and then put it back on the shelf and it got stuck to the other books because it was moist and then the next person came along and licked it… oh you get my drift I’m sure!

    Starting to cringe whenever I open up Susie’s blog in anticipation of the shuddering thoughts that might be therein! Or maybe it is only my mind…

  6. Oooh they are GORGEOUS! Just like rock-pink! I bet they fascinate all those young gringas.

    I’m on a no-books diet too. Well almost, No Book Unless It’s The Feast Of The Goat. And that’s a tad heavy going right now…so good as.

  7. OH MY LORD! How gorgeous are they!? *faints*

    No wait – I mean *steals one*

    I did some rearranging in Waterstones today. 🙂

  8. Josie: I’m a bit worried about your mind, actually, since it appears to be reading mine. Or at least my manuscript: lickable people and sticks of rock both feature. Minty pink rock is indeed quite foul (and not unique to Rhyl: I ate plenty of Barry Island rock back in the day – though I seem to remember it was slightly nicer if you left it for a while till the pink went sort of sticky and the middle went soft, thus minimising the sensation of eating stained glass window). The French for window-shopping is window-licking, by the way: maybe your book-licking has a future…

    PartyPartyPartyetc! – shall put you on the official signed copy list 🙂 I quite want to read it too! I keep thinking I might wake up and find it finished on my computer, but alas, my home seems to be lacking in that kind of magic elves. Sigh.

    MG: I’m plotting a gigantic reading festival when I go on holiday. If the puny baggage allowance permits for both books and shoes, that is (though really, does one need shoes?) You’re clearly too busy making jam to read anyway. 😛

    Elanor: I suspect they were designed with you in mind. They look amazing on the inside, too (though less pink): all laid out like a browser on each page. And thank you for the rearranging! Not that I would condone such behaviour or ever indulge in it myself. *coughs*

  9. Not usually a pink sort of person, but ooh, yes.

    Congrats on the marrying, rarg. It sounds like every sort of fun.

  10. eee my mind and yours should have a stroll together and come up with sticky pink melted rock rar! Actually I do remember it being nicer when soft. Maybe that’s why… I should shut up now.

  11. oh yeah and Rhyl was the only place we poor Brummies could go to. Other parts of Wales were too far away. I licked a window once. It didn’t taste very nice.

  12. I’ve never been to Rhyl: too far away from…other bits of Wales. Though I have been to Prestatyn, which is almost the same. Possibly slightly less classy?

  13. Rhyl = classy? ahahahahhahahahahahah don’t make me have a maternity thong!

    Other bits of Wales too far away from Brum! Anything that sells rock in my opinion is far too touristy. What about those stones/shells with boggly eyes? Did it sell those? if so then it was Rhyl in disguise.

  14. Can’t stop reading serafina97… hardback… that I got last weekend… and its pink… I like pink…
    THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME… Well not quite KILLING ME but more of; HURTING ME!

  15. Hee! Am delighted to have caused your near-demise. (Writers = actually quite evil, sorry.) Hope you live long enough to get to the end, anyway. 😀


    Am currently reading your big woo book,
    Super luv it manz!
    Looking forward to your next one! 🙂

    P/S: You inspired me to turn my blog into a book too, lolzzx. B-)

  17. Zoe, I can tell you’ve been reading Serafina becos I just read yr blog and it did that to me for a while as well. But you’ll get over it m’dear and back to yr normal self. Unless that is yr normal self in which case I may have just insulted you or maybe not. hmm.

  18. Aeeeeeeehhhly: yay! Super luv = cheering up tired achey writer in rainy place very quickly, so thank you 😀 Happy blogging!

    Josie: serafinaspeak eats its way into your brain and can never be removed. Did I not mention that? 😛

  19. Wooooo ayeeee SUUU-ZIEEEEE, i finished your Big Woo today already! B-)
    Is there a sequel to it? I can’t get enough haha.
    Email/tag me at my blog when your Biscuits and Lies is out okayzzx!
    Much luvssss.

  20. Aeehhhly the Speedreader, yay! No sequel at the moment, but *steeples fingers, looks sinister and plotty* you never know… 🙂

    Girl Meets Cake (aka Biscuits & Lies) will be out next April, I think – will tag you with a reminder!

  21. Will there be s sequel to serafina67 i just finished it and wanna keep reading about heeeer 🙂
    *cries a little*
    pleeeeeease write a sequel or i will die withour sera.

  22. Hi Rachel – welcome to the blog! No sequel at the moment: I’ve just finished a new serafina-less book which will be out next year. But you never know… 🙂 *plots quietly*

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