biscuits and lies


Ladies and Gentlemen, the votes have been counted and verified, and I can gleefully reveal that the next book (formerly known round these parts as Biscuits & Lies) from your resident scribbler Susie Day will be called…



I love it, I love it, I love it to bits!  Mmmcake.  Cakey cakey cake.  Hee!  I may need to celebrate in an appropriate face-stuffing manner: who’s with me?

Those who have already heard a whisper about the plot will know that the Cake in question is in fact a Gingerbread Man (or boy…blimey, so complicated), and thus technically not a Cake at all.  Rather than be drawn into this ever-controversial topic, I direct you to the authoritative Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down coverage of the infamous Jaffa Cake ‘cake or biscuit?’ debate.  (Scroll to the bottom – but don’t miss the ‘Jamectomies’!)  When I worked as a college porter, I passed many an hour reading their biscuit reviews in lieu of eating any (the biscuit tin only ever had Rich Tea, a biscuit so rubbish it barely deserves the name).  Mmmbiscuits.  And cake.  Mmmmmmm.

To the kitchen, Batman!

(This is the UK title, btw: might be something else in the North American edition.  All the best books have two names, you know. :P)

21 thoughts on “Entitlement!”

  1. Girl Meets Cake!!!

    oooo I luv it too 😀
    Its sounds groooovy 🙂

    (The commenter formally known as PartyCoz etc etc)

  2. Yay! V pleased you like it.

    I approve of your new name too: that’s what the world needs, self-unwrapping hands-free cake!

  3. It’s BRILL! And – another fan of Nicey, yay! (Although, of course you are!)

    This girl would quite like to meet some cake, too…

  4. I adore Nicey. And Wifey. Their utter disdain for the Nice biscuit and the Lemon Puff is the kind of thing that gets me through the day.

    Hooray, you like it too! I suggested it as a sort of throwaway afterthought, but I love it. I have failed to meet any cake this eve, though. Perhaps we can track some down tomorrow. 😀

  5. Hmm, can think of a whole host of punny remarks to go with this one – Girl (meets cake), Interrupted; Cake Meets Mouth; Girl Meets Not-really-cake-but-we’ll-call-it-that; Lies Are About Cake; Josie Meets Slap.

    Okay, so you want your cake and eat it (never understood that, as who doesn’t?). Congrats on settling on a title! Maybe in America it will be about cookies or grits or something? Will definitely join you in some munching celebrations next time we meet up, by which time you will have a manuscript for our perusal, hmm?

  6. Two posts in a week. Mon dieu, suse, with these blog posts you are really spoiling us!

    I think I’m more disturbed by the casual chat about cakes and VAT with Tory MPs than I am by the entire website of biscuits. However, a gingerbread man IS clearly a biscuit. No legal controversy there. Just as well you won’t have to prove it to the VAT man, eh? Seriously though, love the title!

    Do go back and read the ‘Edible woman’. Cake and its eating all for quite different reasons, I’m sure. It’s nearly 40 years old, so really quite interesting on feminism in terms of seeing which bits are still very relevant, and which bits don’t feel relevant at all any more.

  7. Edible Woman, mmm. But seriously, yes that’s a book that I’ve wanted to read – it’s one of those on the shelf that I really must but never get around to. I love Margaret Atwood’s other books. Maybe it’s the not eating thing that puts me off.

    VAT on cake? Is that serious? How dare they!!

  8. Josie: Not sure Girl Meets Not-really-cake-but-we’ll-call-it-that will fit on the front cover. It’s dead catchy, though.

    Jess: ta for book tip! Had forgotten it was on my ever-expanding TBR list. Might take it on holiday so I can compensatorily be eating pizza while reading it.

    Shannon: glad you like it! I love it too, yay. 🙂

  9. Ooh, get you! They look so brilliant on that display: hugest congrats. Hope you’re still afloat on clouds of pride. 😀

  10. Title is excellent. It’s particularly apt as I am currently full of leftover wedding cake! Mmmm cake.

    If the US edition is called anything else (please God, let it never be “Girl Meets Pie”), it is proof that the whole of the USA is officially thick as pigpoo. All of it. Every man, woman and child. Sorceror’s Stone, indeed! I ask you…

  11. Cake… I wish I had some… wait…. Wait… nope, no cake… *cries at the matter I have no cake* WHY MUST I NOT HAVE CAKE *flails*… Ok… InSaNiTy over…

  12. Thanks to MG, I actually have cake! Well, I think it’s technically a tart. (Girl Meets Tart? Hmm…maybe not…) It’s making my awful backache feel much less awful though. Cake heals all ills!

  13. Girl Meets Tart! a totally other book Susie! Maybe the story of my life? hmm. Why have you backache? hope you’re feeling better soon. Is it the burden of carrying those hardback books?

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