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My antic disposition

hamlet, juggling

Dear Reader, behold: the above represents a fleeting glimpse at the contents of my head.  *shudders*  For every blog post that appears here, there are dozens of others that I intend to write, and decide not to due to knackeration/distractedness/the realisation that probably no one else is all that interested in which bit of my ceiling will fall down next.  Give infinite monkeys an infinite number of blogposts, and they’ll plan to write Shakespeare, right after they’ve shown you this picture of a kitten with stuff written on it.

In the spirit of brevity, I shall thus give you the sonic drive-by version of all the things I meant to say lately but ran out of time/brain/ability to stand upright:

  • I saw David Tennant being Hamlet!  In the previews, too, allowing much smugness at seeing the reviews roll in a week later (many thanks to T for ticket wizardry).  I had quibbles, sure (interval too late so ending feels comparatively flat, Laertes is AWFUL) but I was hopelessly delighted: an honestly likeable, endearing, funny Hamlet of the kind I’ve not seen before (I missed the 60s: shoot me), plus Patrick Stewart bringing epic chills to the ghost, and Oliver Ford Davies as a definitively comic Polonius.  Having admired Tennant since his TV debut in Takin’ Over The Asylum (astonishing 6-part drama by Donna Franceschild, watch it now, go on, shoo), I felt moderately fangirly, but mostly for Shakespeare.  He could do with a decent editor, but gosh, that bloke can write. 🙂
  • Ned’s Atomic Dustbin.  Musical inspiration, with the added bonus of making me feel about 15 again. I seem to remember listening to ‘Up’ compulsively while doing my GCSE art coursework (a charming still life of a Leopard Lily named Colin, FYI).  Weird to realise I still know ALL the words.
  • To spell or not to spell, etc.  Man named Ken says ‘oh sod it, ‘speach’ will do, who cares?‘  The Spelling Society are…unexpectedly not very into spelling.  I am retro yet down with the young people: in other words, I’m rather fond of this spelling system we’ve had since, ooh, 1755 – but there are contexts in which correct spelling is laborious and irrelevant.  The context is the important bit, though, surely?  There’s something very meaningful in intentionally spelling something wrong (I muck about with that a fair bit in Big Woo/serafina67, after all).  No rules means less jokes.  Sorry, fewer jokes.  See, spelling isn’t everything. 😛
  • The Gingerbread Man, who you shall be hearing more of in due course…  Girl Meets Cake continues apace, and will be much enhanced by its author being somewhere warm and replete with really nice pizza next week, while editing.
  • No good can come of the sentence ‘so I called the emergency plumber…’
  • Stephenie Meyer, Breaking Dawn (ie the 4th, and final, of her series of sparkly vampire romances).  I confess I haven’t read it: struggled through Twilight, but it is officially not my cup of tea.  Yet the series seems to be being eviscerated not only by the mainstream reviewers (jumping aboard the ‘new Potter’ in time for the film of the first book), but by its own fanbase now.  She’s a millionaire author who is selling books by the kajillion and will continue to do so, yet is despised and derided (loudly, in detail) by multitudes.  We’re witnessing not the standard carping that JKR received, but the turning of the fanbase upon the creator.  Count me into the ‘I think the book sounds horrible, but I still feel terribly awkward for her as a human being’ camp, k?
  • Deep Heat!  It’s not pictured, but you can imagine that after that complex juggling routine, Hamlet is going to slap a mountain of the stuff on Claudius’ shoulders, oh yes.  For it hurts, the Deep Heat. It might prompt a confession.  But it’s also the only thing that has allowed me any sleep at all for the last three days, and for that, I snog its creator, despite me now smelling quite odd.  I assume Mr Deep Heat Creating Man will be OK with that.

book_mini  NOT Breaking Dawn, sorry.

pencil_mini  To-do lists for holiday.

rocrastination_mini   Buying new shoes with little cakes on, failing to see Batman still, genuinely being excited about being able to stand up.


10 thoughts on “My antic disposition”

  1. Deep Heat is great for backache. Combined with Paramol, it’s brilliant. Be careful though. My nu-wife got carried away with the ‘Heat once and I had to have a cold bath.

    One day, not today, I will reveal what happened when myself and my good friend (and wedding MC) Jon put Deep Heat on our goolies for a laugh.

  2. Last time I had to use it this much I’d been hiking up mountains. I seem to recall collapsing in a motel in North Wales, watching ‘Celebrity Love Island’ because we were too knackered to find the remote. There’s something quite nice about the burny sensation, I think: like how medicine ought to taste a little bit nasty. I somehow doubt that ‘burny sensation’ and ‘goolies’ go together quite so well (though thank you for promoting ‘goolies’ back into my productive vocabulary, yay!).

    Nice honeymoon? I still owe you presents. How many toasters did you get?

  3. No toasters. We have a remarkably huge Japanese-style crockery set though!

    Honeymoon was… well, it was beyond amazing, really. Isolated and secluded cottage with a swimming pool in the Cretan countryside. Unforgettable.


    Celebrity Love Island? There’s no excuse or reason for that.

  4. Hi Susie,

    Have not been here in a while lol.
    Have been really busy (she says while watching daytime TV while eating popcorn in PJs)
    Hehe, like your picture- Mine would probs be all stupid stuff 😛

    😦 this is the last week of my summer hols, so going back to school soon.
    Yey! What fun.

    I read Big Woo btw the other day (took me three hours lol- my mum says my eyes were all darty n stuff :])
    It is SO good! Lol forgot how much I enjoyed it 🙂 cant wait for girl meets cake either.

    well, bla just prattled on bout myself~~~ how boring..
    anyhoo hope you are well, andandand…
    eat some tablet 🙂


  5. Ah, the Neds, bless their extensive collection of t-shirts. Up? You must be thinking of God Fodder, m’dear. Out in the Spring of 1991.

    Did you know that if you do a search for Ned’s atomic dustbin on Amazon, Big Woo comes up at #40? The internet is a strange place sometimes.

    Off to Kill

  6. hello Susie and other people! Hello Gillian, shucks to back to school. Darty eyes is good when reading things you like.

    I am having some stick for putting my head above the parapet on the Guardian blog (yay I get paid for that though!) It is a short blog post and easily readable but the comments afterwards may take several days to plough through. But if you feel like logging in and saying something nice then please do!

    It’s about not liking being shoved into a box/niche/genre but realising that this is the way it goes in the books world. hum, or something.

  7. *waves*

    Rarg: sounds lovely. Anywhere but drizzly Britain…
    Gillian: 3 hours is possibly a record. We should have a league table or something. Keep eating the popcorn 🙂
    Jess: know you have, er, other things to do at the minute – but have no idea why I decided that album was called ‘Up’. (Album. LOL. *fetches zimmer frame*) I still have my Neds T-shirt, and occasionally wear it to the gym, where people look at me in admiration and/or fear.
    Josie: the GU commenters are a gobby lot, truly. You’re handling it most manfully (as it were) – and honestly, that’s nothing to what I’ve seen other people get over there. Congrats on it anyway: link on the front page, that’s fab!

  8. I just lent Serafina book to middle aged lady with grey hair at work and she brought it back the next day saying she lolled all night as she read it in bed, so much so that her husband went to sleep in the spare room because she was busy page turning and lolling. Just thought I’d say.

  9. Hee! That’s fabulous. Although slightly terrifying to have caused someone to have to sleep in the spare room by the power of LOL. Excellent pimping work, though, thank you. 😀

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