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Mercury Thiocyanide!

Yes, this does look like…you know what. Yay science!

Burning Mercury Thiocyanide will amaze you!

book_mini  I’m not allowed to read books at the moment, what with being a bit busy trying to write one. But I’m dangling, like a carrot before a donkey, the prospect of Moomins when I finish. I can’t even remember which ones I’ve read, but I plan to devour them all (along with a supper of pine-needles, to keep me going through the long winter months).  I’ve reread most of the books I adored as a kid, even the elusive King of the Copper Mountains by Paul Biegel – which turned out to be even weirder than I remembered, but still wonderful – but I haven’t laid eyes on the Hemulen, Too-Ticky et al since I was about ten.  Something tells me they won’t have got less odd over time…

pencil_mini  No, I haven’t finished revising Girl Meets Cake yet. 😦  The deadlinefish continues to nibble at my toes nightly: I continue to stare at the sizeable chunk I still have to rewrite.  I met up with MG Harris (for lunch! I’m allowed to eat lunch!) and she shared her ‘completion anxiety‘ over finishing #3 of The Joshua Files (while simultaneously editing #2, the show-off).  I’ve got  ‘incompletion anxiety’, I reckon.  I wrote some jokes this morning, though.  I think they were funny. It’s getting hard to tell.  However, none of this will matter, as I’ve seen the cover for the UK edition, and it’s so enticingly fabulous that it probably won’t matter what’s inside.  (I didn’t say that.  Don’t quote me.  It’ll be brilliant, honest.  With jokes in it and everything.  Some of which may be funny.  What do you want, blood?)

rocrastination_mini  Inconveniently rekindling my desire to watch The Professionals all day (damn you, ITV4), failing to reply to blog comments (sorry, am rubbish), becoming obsessed with baked potatoes (Marfona, people: it’s the only way).


10 thoughts on “Mercury Thiocyanide!”

  1. Just as well you can’t get exzema from watching an online video isn’t it?

    Moomins. Too strange. Always found them a bit alarming myself.

  2. Never really got into the moomins, we were teenagers by the time they came on TV so of course they were derided as all teenagers know best. However, moominmomma was a character that stuck in my mind because my sister in her wisdom decided this would be a good nickname to call our mum. Still call her that sometimes but only when far enough away to not get hit.

    Hope you are bashing that deadline into submission, Suse!

  3. Oh, you are missing out, the pair of you. The TV series made them seem much fluffier and less weird than the books. I think it was the alarmingness I liked: that vague awareness you get as a kid that something is indefinably ‘foreign’. Plus Thingummy and Bob used to sleep in a chest of drawers, and I remember thinking that looked very comfy.

    I think the deadline has the upper hand. But since technically it passed by several weeks ago, I’m not sure how that works… *ponders*

  4. You’ll have to delete my comments Sus, as I now look mad. And have demonstrated that I can’t spell. (just as well I’m not working as an editor just now, eh?)

  5. Jess, which comment?? Susie, you should have kept it in otherwise this comment from Jess doesn’t make sense and then you’d have to delete that. And then this comment from me doesn’t make sense and you’d have to delete that as well and before you know it you’ll be deleting all our comments like a deranged cyberman, DELETE DELETE DELETE. Oh god, can you tell I have a deadline coming up myself?

    Btw. If you have time, do have a listen to my ickle interview on BBC Radio Wales Arts Show. It was rather fun.

  6. Looking at that clip reminded me of those lovely ‘Indoor Fireworks’ kits we used to get at Christmas. There was always a volcano thing which produced small extrusions of poo-like stuff, and a magnesium flare that burned your retinas. And the kitchen always filled with nasty smelling yellow smoke….. Happy memories!

    Are these things still on sale?

    PS King of the Copper Mountains RULES.

  7. Nicky: they definitely sold them about 10 years ago still, because we bought some in college and entertained various elderly academics with them one night in the bar. The ‘mysterious grey pill which creates a big poo’ was the only good one, actually: everything else was just a variation on a sparkler. And yes, King of the Copper Mountains is just wonderful and the fact that it’s out of print is just silly.

    Josie: happy birthday again! And ta for the Russell T Davies link: it’s on my Christmas list!

    Aliceee: cheers! and see my latest blog for details. 😀

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