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Recipe for Happiness


book_mini  Moomins!  Blissful, lovely, mental Moomins.  Finn Family Moomintroll actually made me cry, it was so full of nostalgic small-me familiarity.  (And also mock my brain’s ability to reproduce things without ever consciously realising the source: arch ‘in which the following things happen‘ chapter introductions! an obsessive collector who is distraught to realise his life’s work is complete! a completely haphazard approach to linear narrative in favour of Oh Look Here’s A New Thing!  I’d never write anything like that…)  I think I loved this book for the same reasons I loved Arthur Ransome, even if he tended to include fewer Hobgoblins, bald men in skirts and Outlandish Words with legs crawling up the walls: there’s masses of that nervous emotional childhood stuff going on (being worried that people don’t like you, that you might not fit in, that you’re being left behind), but the telling of it is just so gloriously understated and economical.  Heavenly.  Next up, Comet in Moominland: yay!

pencil_mini  IT’S DONE!  Girl Meets Cake, aka Biscuits & Lies, aka my next book is finished!  Again!  Well, the new draft is: I’m already thinking of extra ways I can twiddle it about to make it even shinier in the (hopefully) final edit – with the assistance of my Beloved Editors, who are already entirely responsible for the good bits.  It’s been a real beastie to wrestle into shape: I think initially I was trying so hard to make sure Heidi was nothing like Serafina that she ended up being Holden Caulfield-level annoying instead.  Also, I continue to be Quite Bad at plot structure.  But it’s gone from being That Book That Was A Good Idea Until This Half-Wit Started Writing It to That Book That I Feel Dorkily Attached To And Makes Me Smile, so, you know, progress, achievement, gold star for me.  And I’ve got this awesome idea for the next one… although there’s also this other idea…*rubs hands together evilly*

rocrastination_mini  Tragic lack of rocrastination opportunities lately, but I have plans to reacquaint myself with the outside world (October = long walks through shuffly leaves followed by hot chocolate: it’s the law), and the non-imaginary people that dwell there.  Plus maybe some sleep?


10 thoughts on “Recipe for Happiness”

  1. Hurrah for bookage being nearly “there”! Does that mean I can now ring you up and pretend to be Marcus Garvey like what Victor Lewis-Smith used to do on albums by The Orb?

    And yay for Moomins, despite them creeping the bejeebers out of me as a child.

    Interesting fact: Did you know, or even care, that there was a Danish porn star by the name of Tove Janssen? Crazy Danes!

  2. I’m quite confused by how creepy everyone seems to think Moomins are. They’re all sweet and gentle and ridiculously fluffy! It’s like being intimidated by Piglet.

    Good to see I can continue to count on you to bring your extensive Danish porn star knowledge to my little corner of the internets. 🙂 Finnish Tove = the best one though.

    Please don’t ring me up and pretend to be Victor Lewis-Smith pretending to be Marcus Garvey: my metatextuality circuits will melt. But yes, conversation! I owe you both much in the way of glee. 😀

  3. Excellent! I’ve got some revisions to do (already!) but nothing major, so let the rocrastination commence next week. I want to hear all about your adventures in Oz…was there a wizard?

  4. I LOVE the Moomins! I liked the Snorkmaiden best. Although I have to say, I haven’t read the books since I was about ten, and I know the tv thing better.

    I SAW SERAFINA IN THE STATES! I rearranged shelves in Barnes and Noble and took photos and everything. AND I recommended it to a girl who was looking at the books and not knowing what to buy.

    Also, I got your parcel – oooooooh! Thank you! It’s so awesome.

  5. Welcome back! And am glad the parcel got to you 🙂

    I’m v impressed by your long-distance shelf rearranging/customer harassment skills. And that you actually saw it in proper shops too! Hope you had a lovely time apart from that obviously 😛

    The Snork Maiden is ace, yes. Moomintroll has the most adorable crush on her, and she doesn’t really expect him to. It’s ever so sweet.

  6. I saw Big Woo in Dymocks, Claremont, a suburb of Perth. Shelved in Teenage Fiction, with other very good books!

    Are you coming out to play today?

  7. Weee Susie is baaaack. *Falls on laptop, flails madly* Wait, no, that was Sera!

    Anyhoo, glad to hear you’re back in the rocrastination stakes. I am now only a week away from leaving dreadful job and embarking on wonderful PhD! Wh-hoo! I would say it is my dream PhD but that joke has been said waaaay too often. Alys’ new nickname for me = Doctor Dream. Well, it’s got Dr Who connotations and yes I am a bit of a dreamer.

    So does this mean we may have a Talents’ meetup on the calendar? Really, really want to read Cake now. (and eat cake too) 🙂

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