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I trust this has put you in a suitably spooktastic Hallowe’eny mood, people.

Speaking of things Whovian (when am I not, let’s face it), evidently we’re getting a new Time Lord in the TARDIS come 2010, after David Tennant’s done a series of ‘specials’ next year. Good on ‘im, I say: we’re getting a new Exec Prod then too (Steven Moffat of Press Gang and writing that one with the statues fame: yay!), and I think the timing’s right. I got my regeneration anxiety over and done with after the scarred-for-life childhood experience of watching lovely fluffy Peter Davison turn into companion-strangling pantobeast Colin Baker, anyway. Now that‘s how to scare the kiddies.

Since the tabloids will now be all aflutter with speculation as to who’s Who next, I’m hoisting the flag for team Chiwetel Ejiofor.  Partly because it would annoy a lot of boring people: primarily because he would be bloody brilliant.  If not him, I’ll take Damian Lewis: ginger Doctor FTW!  And of course, we all know Joanna Lumley could pull it off.  What say you lot?

book_mini  Finally getting around to reading Margaret Atwood’s The Edible Woman, which is making me very glad not to live in the 1960s.  Although I may just have laid my hands on one of these, which might have to take priority…

pencil_mini  I’ve spent the last few days whizzing through the copy-edit of Girl Meets Cake, throwing in a tweak or two.  It’ll be off to the typesetters now, so they can rustle up proofs (and possibly do something deeply cunning with layouts).  I like this bit.  Probably because I don’t have to do any of it. 🙂

rocrastination_mini Flitting to Wales to catch up with Small Person, Even Smaller Person (though ‘small’ isn’t quite accurate: Fabulously Rotund Person?), and taller people, all of whom were absurdly lovely to see and none of whom were sick on me; getting cross with Raymond Blanc; painting my fingernails sparkly purple.


8 thoughts on “Ex-san-guin-ate!”

  1. With Andy Hamilton as her companion, and Jeremy Hardy as a slightly rubbish fey villain. ARE YOU LISTENING, BBC?

  2. Chiwetel Ejiofor would be an excellent choice. As would Bill Bailey, Nick Frost, Mark Heap and many other quirky Brit comedians with acting chops. Unfortunately, Jennifer Saunders is, I hear, in the running.

    Personally, I’m opting for Andy Nyman, who played monstrous producer Patrick in Charlie Brooker’s excellent gore-fest Dead Set this week. For sweary examples (probably not safe for your place of f*cking work, yeah?) of why I think he’d make an excellent sarky Doctor:

    We watched 2 episodes of Dead Set before Mrs Rarg retired, claiming ‘freaking out’. Which would be fine, but then we both later discovered that I too was prone to freakage by hissing at me as I was descending the stairs (lights off) in walking dead-like fashion. I’m told that whirling round in a combat stance ready to fight off the possibility of my pregnant zombie wife is not a good marriage tactic.

    I then watched the remaining three episodes and had great difficulty summoning up the courage to go to the loo at 4am.

  3. I think pretty much anyone currently inhaling oxygen on the British Isles is in the running at present: haven’t heard the Saunders rumour but I anticipate a long cold winter of stupid stunt exclusives in The Sun until the Beeb finally announce. Interesting that the Robert Carlyle rumours of many months ago have gone quiet: significant, perhaps?

    I missed the first few of Dead Set, sadly, so am waiting to be zombified all in a lump whenever it hits C4 or dvd or something. I confess zombies are not really my thing (and pregnant zombie wife so isn’t helping there: EEEEEEEEEK!), but for Senor Brooker I shall at least try not to be a pathetic girly. If graciously retiring is good enough for Mrs Rarg, it’s good enough for me.

  4. Even Smaller Person is not rotund, he is Big Boned! (outraged mother voice)

    Congratulations on the impending fatherhood Rarg. I think gracious retiring comes with the territory, zombies or not. Spend as much time in bed as you can, while you can, eh? (That wasn’t meant to be rude. I can’t really remember any of that stuff.)

    Am no longer interested in the ‘Dr? Who? question, as Susie’s suggestion above is so good everything else will be a let down.

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