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GingerbRed Dwarf

The Fabulous Bake-A-Boy Challenge: Sci-Fi Edition continues, boldly going where goldfish roes are nibbling at your toes…

Gingerbread Dwarfers

Yep, that’s Lister, Rimmer, Kryten and the Cat of the good ship Red Dwarf, as created by the magnificent revision-avoiding hands of Nicky, James and Tom.  I do love how, even in gingerbread form, Rimmer is losing his hair.  (I’ve only seen the first episode of the reunion special thingy, but so far it falls into ‘not at all bad and surprisingly non-cheapo-looking given that they allegedly made it for ninepence’ category: phew.  Weird having no laughter track, though.)

Keep them coming, people!  I think the Bake-A-Boy gallery is going to need a Gingerbread Spock before long…

book_mini  I’ve been a bit hopelessly distracted, so nothing new on the bookish front (though I am itching to get my mitts on Sally Nicholls’ Season of Secrets, because Ways To Live Forever was great; Zombie Queen of Newbury High by Amanda Ashby, because ZOMBIES; and The Teashop Girls by Laura Schaefer, because in places it sounds spookily like Girl Meets Cake…). In the meantime, here’s Tanya Gold’s brilliant Guardian piece on YouTube ‘starlet’ Susan Boyle.

pencil_mini  I seem to be doing more unwriting than writing at the moment.  File The Becky Book under ‘You’ll Read It One Day, Probably’, because now I’m writing… something else.  Watch this space.  (Not literally, or your eyes will go funny.  At least get yourself a cup of tea or something: I might be a while.)  In the meantime, I’m at the final copyedit stage of My Invisible Boyfriend (ie the US version of Girl Meets Cake) – just as soon as I can get OpenOffice to play nicely with Word, sigh  – and they’ve been taking pretty pictures of pretty people for the cover!  It’s going to look so very gorgeous.

rocrastination_mini Getting sunburnt in Wales in April (???); having deep and meaningful discussions about the hobbies of mermaids with Small Person (“on weekends, they like to go to the garden centre”); melting into a very happy puddle in a turkish steam room (followed by a MINTY SHOWER, oh bliss); wondering why there’s still water dripping through the kitchen ceiling when my flat has been full of plumbers all week; feeling happyhappyhappy.


22 thoughts on “GingerbRed Dwarf”

  1. Our creations are just a bit cool, I ate Lister earlier, very tasty though sadly lacking in curry.
    I can’t wait to see all 11 doctors, though i’d rather you did it than me >.<

  2. Excellent creative skills from Nicky, James and Tom! I am letting my lot loose with gingerbread and writing icing tomorrow after school. Not sure they will produce anything as impressive as the entire cast of a sci fi show but will send photos of their efforts (as long as I can find a gingerbread man cutter – decorated cookie shapes wont really fit the bill).

  3. Yes it has been a veritable heat wave here! Still no ginger people from me sorry, though I have been watching a lot of Captain Pugwash lately and have been thinking about perhaps a Captain Gingerwash. I have many more ginger ninja puns to come so you will be heartily sick of them by the time this is all over.

    There are also Bake Trek, BattleBake Galactica, The X Cakes. We have a lot of work to do, oh yes.

    And if you’re into zombies, perhaps you’ll be reading the latest thing: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I kid you not. It’s called a ‘literary mash-up’ but I’m thinking it’s actually a cheat for an author who doesn’t want to bother writing a whole book but just nick someone else’s that they know is going to sell.

  4. BTW have just read that article on Susan Boyle, v. interesting. And some interesting comments too.

    I agree with Tanya, that as women we are not allowed to be our natural selves if we want to ‘get on’ in whatever profession we choose, but have to primp and pamper. As I am cynical, I will be watching out for the day that Susan is on some mega total makeover show and comes out looking like every other celebrity female. She does have a wonderful voice but unless she wants to become a Stevie Wonder then she will bow to the pressure and go Barbie.

    Hey, gingerbread Barbie! Oh, actually no because it would only be a small spiky mouthful.

  5. I think my writing icing might stay in the cupboard.

    Hope the pretty people aren’t too pretty – having read your link. (I’d never heard of this woman until then. Am very out of touch.)

    I didn’t know SP was so knowledgable about mermaids! She hasn’t told me all this!

  6. Jess, do you go to the garden centre at weekends or is she sneaking off herself with the mermaids?

    Just curious. No judgement. Garden centres are lovely, especially those stone statues and water features… aaah. now I see the connection. SP is obviously of superior intelligence.

  7. Well, Daddy went to the garden centre the other weekend, but she didn’t go too. And she announced that Daddy and Even Smaller Person can’t be mermaids because they’re boys. (!)

    I think Harry takes his dinosaurs there in Harry and the bucket of dinosaurs, but who knows where the connection with mermaids comes in. The crazy world of the 3 year old, eh?

  8. Sorry, the concept of curry-flavoured gingerbread men put me off for a bit there. (Will the Fifth Doctor have to taste of celery? Urk.)

    T – did they construct anything beautiful? Or eat them all before you could take any pictures? 🙂

    Josie – Captain Pugwash, yay! (WHY have you been watching a lot of Captain Pugwash lately, madam?) Was telling my agent about P&P&Zombies a while ago: am sad that apparently about 80% of it is still the Austen text, since, well, I’ve read that already…

    Jess – SP’s many hours with the mermaid jigsaws have not been in vain, clearly (though the garden centre bit was, er, unexpected). She told me that Daddy and ESP couldn’t be mermaids, too. I told her that boy mermaids were called Mermen, and she looked at me with grave suspicion. Sensible child.

    Jenny and H – aren’t they great? Soon my gingerbread armies shall take over the world, MWAHAHAHA! Or something.

  9. My army of small people have made fabulous gingerbread people and I took photos – I just need to get round to sending them to you…. watch this space…..

  10. I would be suspicious of mermen as well, so I’m with SP on that one. I have been looking at some lovely garden features as I’m planning a new patio and there are rather a lot of goddesses and water nymphs (female) and ugly gargoyle things (male), I am detecting a theme here?

    I am loving the crazy Disco Owl and all the others on your bakeaboy thing! I am wondering why I have gone into present perfect mode, perhaps too many lolcats lately?

    If you’ve already read P&P then P&P&Z presumably will be a quick read? Or will it take longer because you’ll be playing spot the insert?! Plus, will 20% of the original be taken out or has the book become 20% bigger? Oh this deep literary questions.

    Why Cap’n Pugwash and Tom the cabin boy? Only for research m’dear

  11. Mermen are great. There was a lovely book I read as a child, called Lucy and the Merman, where this girl (called Lucy, funnily enough) has a merman fall on her from the sky into a treehouse. He’s called Triton and she keeps him in a bucket for a bit until she realises he’s sad and wants to go back to the sea/river/lake or something, and she takes him home. I would love to read it again.

  12. Elanor, that sounds like a great story, though I’m concerned that the merman fell from the *sky* does that mean there are lakes and oceans up there? *looks nervously upwards*

    With This Diet etc. are you sure you’re on the right blog? You do know that this is all about cake, don’t you?

  13. If I remember rightly, he’d been captured by a seagull who was carrying him to its nest, but then dropped him when he wriggled. He was only a very little merman.

  14. Where are our pics S? We baked and decorated with great energy? We want to see the results shared with the world and not just our digestive systems!

  15. I was overwhelmed by their cuteness! Or something. They shall appear, I promise, I just keep wanting to put off updating till I know a thing, which is unwise since the thing is not really a thing I am in control of… I just made that sound much more interesting than it is. I AM PROCRASTINATING, SORRY!

  16. Weee my 2 copies of GMC finally arrived from Amazon! (2 because one for your biggest secret fangirl for her 16th birthday). So of course I had to drop everything and start reading immediately and am TOTALLY loving it. Wow. Have to ensure to tell everyone that they must read every single word of it even the blurby bits that are usually skipped because they’re so hilarious. Definitely value for money there Suse. Failitude will be my new word. Was standing in the ‘mums’ queue this afternoon snorting to myself and got some sideways looks from senior girls, made sure the cover was in full view so hope that’s good enough publicity.

    So do I get battenburg *and* peanut butter brownie on account of being both a member of the blog posse and one of the Ladies Mentioned By Name? Or is that just greedy?

    Recipe for a Susie:
    Gorgeous yumminess
    Lots of brain
    Eyes (very important)
    Sideways sense of humour
    Bake till golden

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