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Eat, eat, as fast as you can!


I am in awe of your collective gingerbread boyfriend-making skills, gentle readers!  Apparently inspired by having made 60 gingerbread personages (YEP! SIXTY!), the divine Rosie has produced a selection of mini-dress and monokini-ed gogo dancers, hippy chicks, and Nehru-jacketed Beatles, look!  Cor, etc.  Anna, meanwhile, has beaten me to the TARDIS with her spectacular selection of Gingerbread Doctors (and Donna too, hurrah) – not to mention some unidentifiable-by-me-but-probably-very-recognisable-if-you-know-who-they-are snooker players, who you will find in the Fabulous Bake-A-Boy Gallery along with many magnificent new pics! Applause all round to Tina, Jess, Alex, Cerys, Other Jess, James, Small Person, Josie, and anyone who volunteered to clean up the kitchen afterwards.  I hope your Gingerbread Beloveds were all as yummy as they looked.

I feel strangely hungry now.

book_mini  Sally Nicholls, Season of Secrets.  READ THIS BOOK.  I mean it.  Find yourself an enormous box of tissues first and someone to hug you at regular intervals, because it’s an unflinching look at the impact on a family of the death of a parent.  But don’t let that put you off, because – like her brilliant debut, Ways to Live Forever – it’s also extraordinary.  Like David Almond’s Skellig, a family tragedy runs parallel to a child’s encounter with an improbable saviour (in this case not an angel but the mythical Green Man), which represents all their fears regarding the terrifying fragility of life, but also offers the hope of renewal.  Unmissable and unforgettable.

Have also just read Joanna Nadin’s My So-Called Life, the first of her Rachel Riley series, which is very very funny (though there was a disappointing lack of Jordan Catalano), and made me feel really quite relieved I’m not 13.

pencil_mini  I’m currently writing a comedy/romance/sci-fi/musical set in Oxford/space/The Future/1832, in which a girl/boy/wisecracking armadillo sidekick have to save the cheerleader/save the world/save the Wispa bar all over again, and also fight crime/some Conquistadors/each other! with hilarious consequences.  It’s a Choose Your Own Adventure kind of thing.  Maybe.  Oh, all right, I’m not writing that really.  I quite want to now, though.  Who doesn’t love a wisecracking armadillo?  In the meantime, here’s my interview with the lovely Jenny at Wondrous Reads.

rocrastination_mini Being startled by how much I loved the new Star Trek (Gingerbread Kirk, Spock and McCoy? oh, I think so); cooking feijoada, mmm; getting overexcited by muppets all over again.


17 thoughts on “Eat, eat, as fast as you can!”

  1. Pst! The Gingerbread Doctors link goes to the snooker boys!

    YUM though at the 60 gingerbread peeps – wow!

    I so wish you were writing about a timetravelling armadillo. How cool would that be?

  2. Oops – should be fixed now! And yes, wow! Even I can’t eat that much gingerbread. You are all so very brilliant: I still love that you made a Donna. 🙂

    Time-travelling armadillos are going to be the next big thing, I betcha. ARMADILLOS!

  3. Oh well now you fix it and I look daft. Donna was tasty – nobody else would eat her for some reason. They all wanted Petey.

  4. The new Star Trek is amazing! I’m still totally in love with Chris Pine, and am dead set on joining the Starfleet. I went to see it again today, after my (first) IMAX experience last week almost blew my head off. What a movie!

    Oh, and please make a Gingerbread Kirk. I’d most definitely eat him.

  5. Elanor: the key question is, did he taste like celery?

    Jenny: I’ve always been a bit ‘oh well, it’s skiffy so I’ll watch it, but I wish it wasn’t so annoying’ about Trek – but the film is just outstanding. Lovely mix of shout-outs to the old skool and new-seeming fun. I thought Chris Pine was fabulous, too: just the right blend of twattery and charisma for Kirk. Great casting all round, really. Next batch of baking, he’s so in!

  6. Bake a Boy page is looking excellent and I love that you’ve done an extra Bake a Boy SciFi! Lol. Wonder if I can manage to conjour up a Gingerbread Mycroft Chrisite? And will he have a beard? Hmm.

    Loved the new Start Trek film! It was one that all members of the family wanted to see and enjoyed which hasn’t happened really ever apart from the Harry Potters. Thought the young Kirk decidedly camp which was very apt. Also enjoyed playing ‘spot the character’ – got McCoy straight away, and Scotty too, but had probs with Sulu and Chekov even though they were sitting in the right places and had the right accents because they just didn’t look right!

    Your choose your own adventure sounds a bit like my life, i.e. headless chicken running. Except for the armadillo, for shame.

  7. Hi Josie! Yes, so many gingerbread beloveds! Remarkable. A Gingerbread Mycroft would be fab, though.

    Loved Chekov. He’s so wee! I wanted to ruffle his hair and make him a sarnie.

    The Thing is still awaiting resolution, but there were too many pretty gingerbreads to ignore. Will keep you posted! And am v glad you enjoyed GMC. 😀

  8. Still reeling at the prospect of so many gingerbread people in the same place at the same time (outside of, like, Greggs or something). Rosie, do you have an industrial-scale kitchen? Or did you just get very very carried away?

  9. Even Greggs doesn’t have that many. Ha!

    Yours are so very very cute. I hope you didn’t eat your children though.

  10. Well, it was a difficult one, but I could hardly let anyone else eat them, could I? They tasted great.

  11. The new Star Trek is properly guilty-secret good. I don’t think it tops ‘Khan’, but it’s full of Trekkie goodness. I went with rargbrother and rargbestman to watch it the other week after kissing goodbye my wife and daughter, and for about two hours and a big packet of Starmix I regressed somewhat.

    It isn’t really a great film, but I can foresee I will watch it more often than I will ever watch Raging Bull.

    That’s a point. When I get a chance I* will make a gingerbread Travis Bickle.

    *Oh, all right, I’ll try and convince Mrs Rarg to do so. I can’t bake.

  12. Jess – now you’ve put it like that: yes, I am glad you ate your children. (Sentences you never thought you’d type #43.)

    Rarg – I would mock you for your not-as-good-as-Khan nerdliness, if it wouldn’t be a bit too pot/kettle/black of me (though I can’t be bothered to be nerdy about Trek, it’s too humourless). Was jolly good though, like how blockbusters are meant to be: explosions and silly villains and lols. Up yours, Batman! We want Indy In Space, and that is what we have got.

    I promised to watch Raging Bull just the other day. Gingerbread Travis Bickle might just motivate me, though I think having a Rarglet is a very good reason for Mrs Rarg to put her feet up and make you learn how to bake. It’s very therapeutic, honest – and you get to eat the results. Score!

  13. Your children are not your children, they are the sons and the daughters of some great bake-fest in the sky. Though they are with you, they are not of you, and though they may eat you they belong not to you. – shamelessly misquoted from Khalil Gibran, The Prophet

  14. or even Kahlil Gibran.

    Don’t harsh my metatextuality, man. Sorry, I know I’m probably using metatextuality in completely the wrong context but I love that sentence and have been using it at every opportunity.

  15. Dahling, I made my own. (Brazilian shop just of Magdalen St has all the doings, yum.) Now, where do you get hold of cachaca in this town, that’s the big question…

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