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Cover Girls And Invisible Boys

I hear murmurings from the blogosphere that the ARC of My Invisible Boyfriend is beginning to arrive in a few US mailboxes.  For those of you who’ll have to wait till April, here’s a sneaky peek at the absurdly cute cover.

My Invisible Boyfriend

Look, pretty people!   (Don’t get too excited, European readers: this is the US edition of Girl Meets Cake, not a new book: you’ll have to wait till 2011 for one of them.  North American readers, please feel free to get as excited as is humanly possible.)

book_mini  I’ve got a copy of Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go sitting next to me – yet appear to be reading Dick Francis’s Forfeit.  Eh, it’s Christmas, right?

pencil_mini  Project Poppy has been speeding along very happily, and has now careened into a wall and fallen down a plothole.  Grr.  Now have to decide whether to skip over the hole and fill it in later, or spend a few days with pen and paper scribbling metaphorical ladders. Hrmmm…

rocrastination_mini Listening to R4’s Shelved on how abandoned or banned episodes of Doctor Who and The Professionals reveal that people who made TV in the 1970s were, um, bonkers (a shock, I know); discovering my Christmas lights are borked; finally getting around to watching Inkheart and LOVING IT TO PIECES, OOH! – really must get round to reading the other 2 books.


9 thoughts on “Cover Girls And Invisible Boys”

  1. I loved Inkheart too, and we actually got to see it in the cinema – yay for having a boy that likes fantasy and doesn’t think it’s too girly. At least this year.

    Is this Susie falls 632 miles down a plothole? are there bacon sandwiches in it for anyone?

  2. picture!! I love that cover. Heidi is just right. biscuits were good but I do like photos on covers, makes it look like there’s a TV tie-in.

  3. Thanks Mary!

    Jos – I suspect Heidi isn’t really that pretty, but it does make for a cute cover! It’s a big trend in US book covers, using photos: maybe it’ll filter across to the UK at some point.

  4. No, I’d imagined Heidi as rather more eccentric-looking, ie that the ‘kooky’ look isn’t quite coming off just yet. But then it is very cute. No-one would buy it with someone normal-looking on the front, I’m sure they’ve done the research!

  5. Scratch that, looking at the cover again. Apart from the plaits they have made no effort to make her look even slightly kooky. Still cute though.

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