I'm melting!

Sorry about all the downtime on this site over the last few weeks: the pixies and their tiny wee pickaxes have been a little slow getting things going again.  (Next time I’m hiring actual web technicians.  Less cuteness, more speed.)

This is all in preparation for Exciting! New! Developments! here at, so stay tuned for… um… well, probably some more pixie-induced downtime.  And then, shiny things!  But first I’ve got a novel to finish.  I wonder if pixies can type?



7 thoughts on “Oops!”

  1. pixies do type very well but are a bit like monkeys trying to produce the entire works of shakespeare and dropping the word ‘banana’ in there somewhere. you never know what gets slipped in when you’re not looking. mind you on reading your fb comments I’m intrigued by the sofa of sex and wondering if I should go back to inspect your last book more closely – was it near the beginning in the common room?

  2. The Sofa of Sex resides in the Little Leaf cafe: it’s where Heidi really realises that everyone else is draped all over one another in couply fashion, and feels a bit left out. (Awwww.) I’ll snag you one of the shiny US editions when I get em, complete with Sofa of Sex on the cover!

    The original Sofa of Sex was in one of my college rooms. It was bright green and furry and the elastic bits under the cushions kept snapping, so every now and then it would hurl you unexpectedly into the arms of anyone else sitting on it. Romance through furniture. 🙂

  3. Ah Hah! You’re back. Brill!
    I remember the Sofa of Sex. Tried to cross it out before youngest read it. Har! She got there before me and lapped up your book.

  4. ah, I remember now. I was thinking it was the sofa in the common room where H was sitting with the boy who was only talking to her because he wanted her dad to let him stay out. or something. gawd it’s been a year since I read it, clearly I have to re-read. Maybe I’ll read the US one and see if I can spot the edits.

    The original sofa of sex sounds like something out of discworld. Sentient furniture can be dangerous.

  5. Dando – I can reassure your anxious parental mind that no sex ever takes place on the Sofa of Sex. It’s more the Sofa of Tea and Biscuits really: all highly civilised.

    Josie – I obviously have a sofa fixation. One day I will live in a flat big enough to fit one in.

    Tina – I am! Phew. Enjoy it, I’ll probably break it again quite soon.

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