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To purple or not to purple, that is the question

Lovely blog readers, let me steal your brains!   This here shiny website is shortly to undergo a grand transformation, and (as well as exclusive extracts, noisy things on YouTube and general time-wasty shenanigans) SusieDay Towers will be getting a new coat of paint.  This makes me happy.  And confused.  I am so indecisive I have been known not to have any lunch because I can’t decide if I want cheese on toast or soup, so picking my favourite of two colour schemes is utterly beyond me.  So: halp?

purple and greenteal and poppy

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Am currently reading The Official Nancy Drew Handbook: Skills, Tips & Life Lessons From Everyone’s Favourite Girl Detective.  V handy as I bunked off Girl Detective School the day they did How To Train a Carrier Pigeon and Advanced Kidnap-Thwarting.  Alas, I am less interested in Nancy’s help in flower-arranging and, um, How To Get That Ring on Your Finger and That Man to the Altar.  Hush now, Nancy dear: I’m reading the Usborne Detective’s Handbook which has proper criminals with straggly beards in.  Now where’s my Whifflepoof?

CUT CUT SNIPPETY TYPE CUT SLASH HACK ARGH! SLURP.  Or: I am editing Project Poppy.  So far this mostly involves deleting entire chapters and drinking a lot of tea while trying to think of things that are funny.  Dairylea triangles = funny.  Explaining how time travel works = not funny.  Oh, but guess what I’ve got?  The brand new not-out-till-March-1st North American paperback of serafina67 *urgently requires life*!  Still as pink and gorgeous as ever, and now with a sneaky peeky at My Invisible Boyfriend tucked away at the back too.  Woo, etc.

cooking tagine in my new tagine (eee! even if I need to learn to actually read a recipe on occasion); wondering who thought BSG’s Razor was a good idea; giggling at the sheer lolarity of the new Doctor Who trailer; throwing things in skips; eating lotus flowers while harassed by a dragon for Chinese New Year.


15 thoughts on “To purple or not to purple, that is the question”

  1. I’m pretty sure it was a lion. (Though we had unicorn dancing the previous week and I’m not sure how one would tell.)

    Please tell me your vote is some kind of trick, as the red and blue is horrid and hurts my eyes. Either that or there’s something wrong with my new computer.

  2. Sorry but despite the highly appropriate poppyness of the red, my eyes are still recovering from the combination. Please no!
    Or Jess & I both have the same computer problem….

    I had to google ‘Whifflepoof’, thinking it sounded a bit like a Harry Potter spell. Can I borrow yours please – sounds like fun!

    1. Don’t vote, don’t get, young man: let that be a lesson to you.

      Cheers! I’m still tinkering (aka breaking bits) but it looks quite perky. Wheee!

  3. Hmmm, I also seem to have an angry green octagon for my blog avatar.

    Quite apt, now that I come to think of it.

  4. Love the new look!

    Why is my avatar pink? Doesn’t this computer know I HATE pink?

    Will have to go and investigate your suggestion…..

    PS How’s the editing going?

  5. Looks lovely my dear, (don’t you have a book you’re meant to be writing?) Seriously – well done for bending wordpress to your will. I discover I am Frantastica – why am I not surprised…xxx

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