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Purple it is!

susie day logoTa-da!  Isn’t it shiny?

Apologies to those reading this post on my RSS feed, and any new arrivals: you’ll just have to trust me when I say that has just received a Gok-worthy makeover, and is skipping off into the internet with replenished self-esteem and a new handbag.  Twirl, my pretty, twirl!

Like everything, it’s best viewed in, um, anything but Internet Explorer.  (Mum: MOZILLA FIREFOX.  Google, then download.  Trust your youngest.)

Oh, and that’s a peep at what the teal/poppy logo would’ve looked like, for the curious-minded and easily-blinded.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins: YA smash-hit about teens in a dystopian future, forced to endure a gladiatorial arena produced for entertainment, Big Brother-style.  I honestly don’t think I’ve ever read anything so gripping in my life.  A book to let your tea go cold for – and it’s a trilogy, yay!

Supervising the tinkering pixies in charge of my website has been a wee bit time-consuming, but Project Poppy’s edit continues apace.  Deadline is now end of March, so I have time to reread it multiple times and realise how terrible it is, in true tedious angsting author fashion.  My Big Wall Of Notes is now adorned with ‘Zit On Face’ and ‘Chestnut Mane’, written in urgent biro.  I’m not sure those are going to be entirely helpful.

Wishing Glee was actually good, not just well-intentioned; hanging a full-length mirror in my kitchen because there wasn’t anywhere else to put it (it’s opposite the fridge: disaster!); making fantastic butternut squash and plum tagine.


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