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My Visible Susie

To celebrate North American readers finally getting their hands on the book formerly known as Girl Meets Cake, welcome to MY INVISIBLE BOYFRIEND: 7 Days of Stuff!

So here’s me, reading a little extract from Chapter 2:

I am actually this ridiculous in real life. Oh dear.

You can read all of Chapter 1 right here – and come back tomorrow for more from 7 Days of Stuff!


6 thoughts on “My Visible Susie”

  1. Cool.

    Please can we have more Susienory?

    Next time, read a chapter whilst sitting on a branch of an old oak tree. That’s where I’d read…

    …if I were on Jackanory

  2. it’s fabuloso! not at all ridiculous. you’ve come a long way from ‘switch that damn thing off Josie or I *will* have to kill you.’ which I still have somewhere on my hard drive and may blackmail you with one day. tee hee.

  3. It was a bit rainy for oak-tree-reading. Next time I shall attempt to recreate Rik Mayall doing George’s Marvellous Medicine, and throw lots of flour all over my kitchen.

    As one whose only teenage photos consist of a cloud of hair or a defensive hand, I feel I have come a long way. I suspect you were interrupting some important curry-eating with your camera, Josie. 😛

  4. Rik Mayall was absolutely the best reader ever on Jackanory. Him, or Kenneth Williams. You definitely should throw flour all over the kitchen whilst reading a book – preferably yours – and film the results.

    Sarah Greene gets my vote for being worst reader on Jackanory for her “primary-school-teacher-in-the-book-corner-sit-still-and-shut-up” rubbish hacksawing of 101 Dalmations.

    Did Janet Ellis ever read anything on Jackanory? Because she was almost indecently foxy.

  5. do you remember the other story program with the cartoon bloke who sang ‘I’m the storyteller and my story must be sung, I have many stories both for old and for the young. In Russia I am Ivan, in Sweden I am Jan, in Germany I’m something else and in England I am John’?

    1. I’ve just been watching Janet Ellis in what is possibly her only acting role, in the Doctor Who non-classic Horns of Nimon. She does a lot of clinging while having a fringe. Observe! (Josie, contender for least scary monster ever?)

      Rik wins first prize, but I remember Helena Bonham Carter reading something while wearing the most enviable pair of red-and-white stripy socks. I think she had quite nice jeans too – it was all a bit Sarah-from-Labyrinth as an ensemble. I’m sure this is what the BBC was hoping a generation of kiddies would remember from Jackanory.

      Josie, I can not only remember it but also sing the theme tune. It was AWFUL though.

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