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Acceptable in the 80s

My Invisible Boyfriend by Susie DayMy Invisible Boyfriend is set in the present day – but Mr Venables, the excruciatingly over-friendly Performing Arts teacher, is undeniably trapped in the 80s. His musical version of Twelfth Night is replete with neon fingerless gloves, rollerskates and Big Hair.

“But forget all that stuff about dukes, guys. This is not 1601. No one is going to be wearing codpieces in this production. We’re better than that, guys. We’re going to set this somewhere crazy. Take our audience somewhere they didn’t know they were going to go. Shake up our Shakespeare!”
Venables whips out a marker, and writes IN THE 80s on his poster, then adds !!! on the end.
Fili makes a little moaning noise of despair.
“OH MY GOD!” hisses Ludo. “Leg warmers! And Lycra! And blue mascara!”
From the look on her face, these are apparently supposed to be good things.

For us crumblies who remember it first time round *raises hand* this is both painfully familiar, and a, um, broad interpretation of 80s pop culture. We didn’t all jog the streets in our fashionable leisurewear, our Walkmans playing Sigue Sigue Sputnik while we chatted on our brickphones. Some people were a bit busy rioting about their poll tax. Some people were listening to Joy Division. I was mostly doing my homework and thinking about Ewoks. But The Future blunts all edges when it looks back: 2010 will probably be Lady Gaga wrapped in hazard tape and not a lot else.

Still, to spare you, Gentle Teenage Reader, from reliance on Hot Tub Time Machine and the current plastic tat section of TopShop, here are some pointers on the Venables-approved interpretation of Now That’s What I Call Shakespeare!

This is clearly what would be going on in Olivia’s head when she first encounters Cesario: Princess Di hair and muscles:

Meanwhile, the servants are getting restless and Malvolio wants to risk a new look:

And of course, let’s not forget movie classic Tron, which inspires the Etienne & the Illyrians look. (Yes, trailers were that boring in the 80s, and yes, that is Jeff Bridges: Oscar winner.)

I am now going to drink some New Coke and solve my Rubik’s Cube. Ciao!

My Invisible Boyfriend‘s 7 Days of Stuff continues tomorrow!


11 thoughts on “Acceptable in the 80s”

  1. hahahahahahahah *falls about laughing*

    The eighties were so terrible the first time around I have no idea why anyone would want to bring them back.

  2. My sister once transformed an ‘oh no stuck babysitting the littlies’ day into a ‘teach the littlies the dance routine from Kings of the Wild Frontier’. I still remember the moves! I was such a hip 7-year-old. 😀

  3. It was Antmusic,I think – strange hand movements across the face….

    The album was Kings of the Wild Frontier which I believe I still have in a cupboard somewhere, although no means of playing ye olde blacke vinyle!

  4. ANT INVASION! I’ve been youtubing merrily to find it. Can’t find the original video though, but yes, you did V-fingers over your face and then made a sort of wiggly column.

    (Kings of the Wild Frontier was a song as well as the album title. Tsk, bad fangirl. :P)

  5. Oh dear, it’s all coming back to me now….

    Apologies for torturing you in your youth (and then failing to remember song titles – sorry)

    Wasn’t really an Adam & the Ants fangirl – far too busy adoring Duran Duran I seem to recall. Oh the joys of teenagerdom!

  6. Yes, it was Ant Invasion. Oh lord. That’s just how I remember the dance. I have a feeling it all went a bit freestyle after that. I think we’d spent most of the afternoon doing the makeup and costumes, which is probably consistent with the Ants approach to things, I suppose.

    Ah. The 80s.

  7. I’d forgotten quite how utterly, utterly daft that A&A video was. And that Diana Dors is in it. And that Adam Ant looks scarier as Alice Cooper than Alice Cooper does…

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