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Secret Ingredients

My Invisible Boyfriend‘s 7 Days of Stuff continues…

Tea, biccies and books

My Invisible Boyfriend is part-cookbook: it’s stuffed with recipes for how to bake an imaginary boyfriend, fake a tragic breakup, and generally make a complete and utter hash of your social life. But as anyone who has ever ventured into my kitchen will know, I tend to throw the recipe out of the window and bung in a few random bits and bobs from the store cupboard. It works! Sometimes. Other times I create a Valuable Learning Experience instead of dinner. So here are a few of the ‘secret ingredients’ that were thrown into the Invisible Boyfriend mixture – even if you might not be able to taste them in the finished product.

1. Heidi’s fictional boyfriend Gingerbread Ed appears in serafina67.

I love it when books cross-reference (like, say, Jaclyn Moriarty’s Ashbury novels), and it tickled me to think that serafina67 got a comment from someone imaginary.  Did you spot him?

2. We went through waaaaay more than just the two titles we ended up with!

Alternatives included Geek Meets Cake, Gingerbread Ed, and Biscuits & Lies.

3. Ludo is named after a big orange Muppet.

Well, sort of.  I work at an international boarding school, so I have access to an endless supply of unusual names (unusual to a Brit, anyway).  One summer school student named Ludovica was known as ‘Ludo’, and I realised I could fulfil my long-cherished ambition to name a character after the Ludo from Labyrinth.  I suspect my Ludo would not appreciate the comparison. 😉

4. The Scrabble words are all genuine playable moves.

I’m a  Scrabble nerd. 🙂

5. The whole book was inspired by tissues.

Credit goes to my mate Maddie, who (knowing me rather well) got me a pack of tissues bearing the immortal phrase “She liked imaginary men best of all“.  Cheers, Madge!

Come back tomorrow for the LAST (sniff) from the celebratory 7 Days of Stuff


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