Gingerbread Who: Victory of the Daleks
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Revelation of the Fondant Icing

I have, at long last, achieved my life’s ambition.  (Technically I did that in 2004 by getting published, but if you achieve your life’s ambition and remain inconveniently alive, you have to come up with a new one.  It’s in the rules.)

Those who were around these parts last year will recall the joys of Bake 7 and GingerbRed Dwarf, and the bake-a-boy gallery already bears a respectable showing of Time Lords.  But I have, at last, achieved the pinnacle of sci-fi bakery: ALL ELEVEN DOCTORS, in nommable gingerbread form. Behold!

Gingerbread Doctors
Click: they're bigger on the inside

And in case you were thinking that wasn’t a very productive way to spend a Sunday, here is my review of this week’s Doctor Who.   Proof positive that biscuits are central to everything.

Gingerbread Who: Victory of the Daleks
Gingerbread Who: Victory of the Daleks

I have a feeling this may become a weekly thing.  I’d apologise, but I’m not even a little but sorry. 🙂

Oh, and if you should happen to feel inspired by my adventures in food colouring AND like to win lovely things, then you still have a couple of weeks left to enter the FABULOUS BAKE-A-BOY CHALLENGE, and snag yourself a tasty little parcel of books.  Go on, go on, you will, you will…

Am reading China Mieville’s Un Lun Dun, which is like a funny Phantom Tollbooth mixed with Mortal Engines.  There are ninja bins (binjas!), and nice drawings, and two fabulously dry and narky heroines.  Loving it so far.

I’m being so naughty.  I’m plotting a new possible series, the idea of which I am madly in love with, and am supposed to be writing 3 chapters for my agent – which is why this week I randomly started writing a completely different book about superpowered teenagers on a sinister landlocked island who, you know, fight crime, and fall in love in inappropriate directions. I’ve decided it’s going to be my guilty evening pleasure.  Will doubtless never see the light of day, but I miss having something to write which I’ve no intention of publishing: writing purely for my own wonky lols.  (Dear Agent/Editor/Bank Manager: this is all lies, and I never said any of it.)

Failing to go on proper holiday this Easter (which is lucky due to the GIANT ASH CLOUD which can apparently eat planes); discovering microwave popcorn; wondering why anyone in their right mind thought that remaking The Prisoner was a good idea.


33 thoughts on “Revelation of the Fondant Icing”

  1. It’s good, innit? I love how completely unimpressable the girls are.

    There will clearly be more. I spent last night contemplating the ease of recreating The Kandyman. And Gingerbread Zygons! Are you listening, BBC, you could make a mint AND contribute to the obesity crisis!

  2. They are awesome! Tom Baker is my fave….not the actual Tom Baker, the biscuit Tom Baker. Obviously, as previously mentioned, Mr Tennant is the most delicious doctor..

    1. I am unexpectedly fond of Gingerbread Sylv (the umbrella pleases me). In reality of course Peter Davison Peter Davison Peter Davison, lalala…

    1. Eh, the superpowers are on the back burner while I fail to write the other thing. Vampire-free also (thus slayer-free), but I will bear you in mind when mentally casting. 😛 Actually your PhD stuff on sleep would be really helpful – must pick your brain when we next meet!

  3. will be glad to help. sleep is such an interesting topic but I will try not to lecture lest I put you to sleep!

    Next project must be a weeping angel. I dare you.

    1. It appears, in a bizarre turn of events, that you are not on Twitter. *gasps*

      Gingerbread Weeping Angel currently in my kitchen, scaring the pants off me. Am actually relieved to be working in another house tonight so it can’t kill me in my sleep. Probably. It will make its appearance over here at some point, no doubt (and then climb out the internet to bite you in the face).

      Have I mentioned that I find weeping angels quite scary?

  4. I didnt even see the episode and I am TERRIFIED!! That weeping angel is seriously creepy……Don’t bring it here…..

  5. Susie I’m forty in a few months. After 10 on a Saturday night I’ll be found in bed with the lights off and even I can’t twitter when asleep. Although I did have to leave the landing light on last night and think I might have slept with my eyes wide open. We have a scary concrete Jesus on the church across the road that could very easily be an angel…

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