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Yep, that is me blethering away there in the background.  (Even the Mycroft Christie bits.)  That’s my special ‘oh no, I’m talking to myself, let’s try to get this over and done with as quickly as possible’ voice.

MY INVISIBLE BOYFRIEND has now been read by lots of people who aren’t my Mum, including the lovely ABA, who’ve picked it for the Kids’ Indie Next List Summer 2010. (I’m rubbing shoulders with Diana Wynne Jones, David Almond, Mark Haddon, David Levithan… mind officially blown, tyvm.)

And here’s what some other people (who also aren’t my Mum, unless she’s been very busy) thought:

‘quirky, hilarious, and entertaining… Heidi is an unforgettable protagonist that will not fail to make readers laugh with her LOL-worthy shenanigans and escapades’ – The Undercover Book Lover

‘a strong first-person narrative voice that reminds me a little of Georgia in Louise Rennison’s series (Angus, Thongs, and Full-frontal Snogging, etc.)… very funny’ – Book Aunt

‘one darlin’ book that I simply couldn’t get enough of’ – Lauren’s Crammed Bookshelf

‘very, very funny… Every single secondary character (Dai, Ludo, Teddy and Fili especially) comes to life on the page, and I want to be friends with all of them’ – Wondrous Reads (on GIRL MEETS CAKE, the UK/World edition)

‘I just really fell for Heidi and her friends… cute and entertaining, and if you like Brit humor the way I do, like fun romantic comedy-type stories, or like books with a funky and diverse cast of characters, you’ll really get a kick out of it’ – Forever Young

Just in case you were, you know, wondering if it was your cup of tea… 🙂   I think what’s really stuck out in all the reviews so far is how very British people have found it.  I’m still wondering exactly what that means.  Blog on the subject will ensue, once I’ve pondered some more…

I’m reading a book about faeries – and loving it to pieces (despite being a cynical git who tends to find straight fantasy and ‘magick’ a bit of a stretch) because it’s just that good.  It’s R.J. Anderson’s Knife (published in the US as Faery Rebels: Spell Hunter), which so far is reminding me of The Borrowers: an enticing doll’s house world of tiny furniture and monstrous humans (who might turn out to be allies, after all), and a tough bored girl who wants to see the big wide world.  The prose is glorious too.  Zippy clever stuff for 9+ girls.

Still puttering away at the opening chapters of Exciting New Secret Book Thingy, juggling a few scenes around to get the best fit.  It’s like a jigsaw with a piece missing at the moment (sorry, peanut-butter-in-bra story I borrowed from Girl Scout camp, not sure you’re quite good enough) – but I’m itching to get to the next bit.  Plus coffee with agent, shop-talky dinner with an old mate who’s now commissioning teen lit for a living (small small world), and oceans of tea with awesome writer-buddy Sarah Mussi. That all counts as work, right?

Going out for dinner and ending up dancing to random 60s girl groups in an awesomely manky student nightclub; discovering that the Marylebone Oxfam Bookshop is where Scholastic mock-ups go to die (I found a Philip Pullman with a Big Woo cover, and an Ally Kennen which was Girl Meets Cake on the inside: utterly surreal); eating a lot of peas.  Mmm, peas.


20 thoughts on “Trailer!”

  1. I seriously love that trailer. And I always get told my books are ‘very British’, too. Weird, huh? Looking forward to your ponderings.

  2. I had the trailer music stuck in my head all weekend – which was handy, as it replaced the Spanish Leo Sayer song from Eurovision. Bing-bong-bing-bong-DOO-DOO-DEDOODODODOOO…

    You too? Interesting – especially since so much of ‘Swapped By A Kiss’ is about that US/UK translation fail. (I loved how completely bewildered Rachel is when presented with a kettle.) Still pondering…

  3. Yay! Your website is up and running. It looks really good. Am seriously envious as I return to the world of web & blogs.

    1. Cheers! *goes off to look at your blog, all curious*

      I just sort of talked, really. But everyone says it doesn’t sound like me (apart from Josie, but then Josie thinks I sound like Sandi Toksvig, so who knows…).

      Anyway, nice to see you, dearest! I might manage to actually post again next week. Maybe. *coughs*

      1. I have managed to nuke a shadow blog and some of my PC. Aaaaargh -am seriously going bonkers.

        All fired up to write and off to Italy on Sunday with youngest to see Ryth and Sarah. Will miss your excoriating with and insight. Sigh!

  4. It does sound like you Susie, but with some increased urgency! Like if you did some speedy thing before talking or drew a very deep breath on helium or something… not that I’d know about any of that!

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