Exit, pursued by marmot

I went on holiday! To Canada! Where there are bears!

Susie, with bear

(We saw a real one too, but I didn’t hug it.)

Other things I learned on my holidays:

* The free copy of the Daily Mail they give you on the plane makes an excellent firelighter, and can also clean plates when it’s too cold to stand doing it with water. That’s two more uses than I’d ever imagined.


* When they say weather in the Canadian Rockies is ‘changeable’, they mean IT WILL SNOW ON YOU A LOT EVEN THOUGH IT IS AUGUST.

Snow at Lake O'Hara

* When it isn’t snowing, Canada is often an improbable colour.

Lake Louise

See: so educational. I had a lovely time, and ate quite a large amount of cake, mostly for breakfast. Mmmmmmcake.

Now to kick the jetlag properly so I can read the ever-so-shiny copy of Mockingjay that seemed to find its way into my luggage at Calgary airport…


12 thoughts on “Exit, pursued by marmot”

    1. Oh yes, vicarious holidays are just as good. You can skip the blisters and the pit latrines, and move directly to the nice cosy lodge with the blazing fire and the coffee maker… 😀

    1. I didn’t know you’d been to Canada! Tell me more!

      I think Lake Louise is the kind of place which is gorgeous in all weathers, tbh: I saw it with clouds, and pure blue skies, and through a snowstorm while clambering up a glacier and it was always gorgeous. I did get v excited about snowy pine trees, so I reckon it would be lovely all white and frostified.

      1. I went in… maybe 1998 or something, in March. My dad had been guiding out there, and my mum and I went out for two weeks after he’d finished work. We were based in Canmore where he worked, and I remember going to Banff and Lake Louise and um… some canyons and icy places and stuff. It was all very snowy and cold. And we ate lots of bagels.

        1. It was pretty damn snowy and cold when we went, so March must’ve been more than a bit nippy! You probably went to the Athabasca Glacier like we did, which you can walk right up to and go ‘wow, glacial winds are incredibly cold, can I have a hot chocolate now?’

          Bagels are good. Did you go in the Chateau? They probably have very posh bagels.

  1. We went to Athabasca, but not the glacier I think as we’ve all done glaciers lots in the past, but we did ice canyon walking things. We didn’t go in any chateaux, no, my dad does not approve. We had to be outdoorsy all the time. We did go in the hot springs in Banff though.

    I think the coldest temperature while we were there was about -25 or so. It was really nice though because it was so dry.

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