Bluebell Jones Summer Snap!
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Bluebell Jones’ Summer Snap – winners!

A big thank you to everyone who flexed their creative muscles to enter the Summer Snap Competition! Your challenge was to capture your summer in a photograph.

Bluebell Jones Summer Snap!

This summer I’ve mostly been moving house, twice, so it’s probably a good thing I couldn’t enter; photos of cardboard boxes aren’t very summery. Fortunately you lot have been having a much more exciting time, which made it really very tricky to pick a winner; so tricky in fact that I’m giving out three extra runners-up prizes.

Runners-up – winning a signed copy of The Twice-Lived Summer of Bluebell Jones and a stick of Bluebell Jones rock…

Eleanor - feet

Runner up: Eleanor Tovey. This picture makes me feel I’m still on holiday…

Shauncey leaping

Runner-up: Shauncey Ferguson. Such a happy picture!

wet picnic

Runner-up: Janet Dixon. A true representation of lots of this summer…

And without further faffing about: drumroll please for the grand prize, a Bluebell-blue mini-Diana camera, flash, film, colour-splashes etc etc…

The Bluebell Jones’ Summer Snap! winning picture is…

Aoife - Scrabble summer

Congratulations to Aoife Dolan, who came up with this inventive use of a Scrabble board to sum up her summer. I hope your mini-Diana camera keeps you snapping away till next year, Aoife!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered. In case you’re feeling blue about the arrival of autumn, check out this gallery of some of the entries, with lots of joyous summer memories to cheer you up.

And, of course, you could always read a certain book, set in a seaside town, about one summer special enough to live through twice


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