Susie Day

Susie DaySusie Day grew up by the seaside in Penarth, Wales, with a lisp and a really unfortunate choice of first name.

Her many careers have included guiding tourists, professional nappy-changing, teaching small people how many beans make five and taller people how to interrogate the beans from a post-structuralist perspective – but she always wanted to be a writer. Her first book, Whump! in which Bill falls 632 miles down a manhole, won the BBC Talent Children’s fiction prize, and was published in 2004. She writes the Pea’s Book and Secrets series for 8-12s, and contemporary standalone teen/YA fiction.

Susie lives in Coventry, England with her partner and a black cat named Pantalaimon.



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Susie is represented by Caroline Walsh at David Higham Associates.

She is published by Penguin Random House and Marion Lloyd Books/Scholastic.