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Whatever happened to Susie Day? an update

Children's author Susie Day announces her next book, out September 2019: Max Kowalski Didn't Mean It.

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WriteNowLive in Bristol

WriteNow is an initiative from Penguin Random House, hoping to widen access to this sometimes exclusive-feeling industry to a host of writers from underrepresented backgrounds: BAME, LGBTQ, on a low income, and those with mental and/or physical disabilities.

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Dear Young People (of a Doctor Who Persuasion, and not)

Dear young people, You might hear a lot of ugly things today, and in the next few days. From adults, mainly. The people we expect you to listen to at home, at school, when you need advice. The people who are meant to guide you towards a better understanding of the world. Here are some… Continue reading Dear Young People (of a Doctor Who Persuasion, and not)