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Competition Time!

To mark the last of My Invisible Boyfriend's celebratory 7 Days of Stuff, what better than a giveaway? Up for grabs: a signed copy of My Invisible Boyfriend, a signed copy of serafina67 *urgently requires life*, and a gingerbread goodiebag (not as pictured - they seem to have mysteriously vanished post photoshoot :D)... In My… Continue reading Competition Time!

7 days of stuff, blog, my invisible boyfriend

Secret Ingredients

My Invisible Boyfriend's 7 Days of Stuff continues... My Invisible Boyfriend is part-cookbook: it's stuffed with recipes for how to bake an imaginary boyfriend, fake a tragic breakup, and generally make a complete and utter hash of your social life. But as anyone who has ever ventured into my kitchen will know, I tend to… Continue reading Secret Ingredients

7 days of stuff, blog, my invisible boyfriend

Acceptable in the 80s

My Invisible Boyfriend is set in the present day - but Mr Venables, the excruciatingly over-friendly Performing Arts teacher, is undeniably trapped in the 80s. His musical version of Twelfth Night is replete with neon fingerless gloves, rollerskates and Big Hair. "But forget all that stuff about dukes, guys. This is not 1601. No one… Continue reading Acceptable in the 80s