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WriteNowLive in Bristol

WriteNow is an initiative from Penguin Random House, hoping to widen access to this sometimes exclusive-feeling industry to a host of writers from underrepresented backgrounds: BAME, LGBTQ, on a low income, and those with mental and/or physical disabilities.

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What, Why and How I Write

The brilliant Leila Rasheed tagged me into this blog tour thingumajig when she posted her own What, Why and How I Write last week. She's the author of the proper dead funny Chips, Beans and Limousines, and her At Somerton books sound a riot, but personally I cannot wait for her to finish Wish. (Twins! Birthday wishes! These things are my catnip.) (If… Continue reading What, Why and How I Write

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Down The Rabbit Hole: let’s talk about books, baby

Children's and YA makes up almost 25% of the UK book market. It receives one fortieth of the coverage that adult fiction does in mainstream media. This is bonkers. Instead of just shouting 'This is bonkers!' and putting her feet up (like me), the very wonderful Katherine Woodfine of Booktrust decided to do something about… Continue reading Down The Rabbit Hole: let’s talk about books, baby