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The Great British Bake-Off: it’s not about cake

The Great British Bake-Off is telly perfection. Just as Blighty goes all cold, wet and jumpery, it brings us crumble.  It brings us Mel and Sue, with their easy alternation between hugs and snark about slack custard and soggy bottoms. It brings us Mary Berry being kind about something that obviously tastes horrid. About the only thing… Continue reading The Great British Bake-Off: it’s not about cake

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The Time of AAAAGH!

The Guardian may think the Daleks win the monster-off, but for the stuff of nightmares nothing can top Weeping Angels.  Blimey. Whovians are a crafty lot, btw: check out this spiffy birthday cake, and the magnificent cosplaying femme!Doctors (complete with a really intriguing answer to the 'why are you doing that, then?' question). Telly: it's… Continue reading The Time of AAAAGH!