221b Bakery Street

It was only a matter of time - and what better excuse to revisit the geek bakery than a birthday? So, in honour of the happy occasion of the birth of Red Scharlach, creator of the internet's finest small fannish persons, I present: Happy Birthday! May your celebrations be worthy of fistfuls of Mrs Hudson's… Continue reading 221b Bakery Street

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Yep, that is me blethering away there in the background.  (Even the Mycroft Christie bits.)  That's my special 'oh no, I'm talking to myself, let's try to get this over and done with as quickly as possible' voice. MY INVISIBLE BOYFRIEND has now been read by lots of people who aren't my Mum, including the… Continue reading Trailer!

blog, books i've been reading, kids' books i've been reading, my invisible boyfriend

Drumroll, please!

The FABULOUS BAKE-A-BOY CHALLENGE is now over, and I'm thrilled to announce that the winner is... IFFATH, for her magnificent Gingerbread Susie! I have it on good authority that there was an iced version of those green Converse, but it went the way of all gingerbread before it could be photographed.  😀  Congratulations, Iffath -… Continue reading Drumroll, please!