Five Things

1. I am not dead!  But I have been pathetically quiet lately, due to the typey parts of my brain being busy with TWO honking great book deadlines. 2. I have met my deadlines! Both of them! Whole bookfuls of words with beginnings and middles and ends and everything. 3. EXCITING NEW BIT: one of… Continue reading Five Things

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Like most Brits, I've been filling in my census form this week. (What is your job title? WRITER. Briefly describe what you do (did) in your main job. WRITING.)  I dithered more over the 'how many hours a week do you work in this employment?' question. In the last two weeks, I've written barely 500… Continue reading Fuel

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Wheat or Chaff?

Writers are a funny bunch. Half the time we think we're chocolate: we have to, to believe we can fill up that big blank page,  that we have something to say, a story to tell that we can tell better than anyone else.  The other half we spend in a state of eye-poking misery, staring… Continue reading Wheat or Chaff?