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Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith

Elisabeth Sladen died yesterday, at 63, apparently after a long battle with cancer. It seems at best a bit daft to weep over someone you've only ever known via a fictional character, and my thoughts are with her husband, daughter and friends - but I clearly wasn't the only old Whovian last night watching  Genesis… Continue reading Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith

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Library Love

Excuse me for being Captain Obvious here, but: aren't libraries amazing? This is the library I grew up in: probably the place that made me want to be a writer.   The children's section was underground, accessed by a wrought-iron gate, a staircase coated with slippery green moss, and a dank, dripping tunnel.  Going to borrow… Continue reading Library Love

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Cover Girls And Invisible Boys

I hear murmurings from the blogosphere that the ARC of My Invisible Boyfriend is beginning to arrive in a few US mailboxes.  For those of you who'll have to wait till April, here's a sneaky peek at the absurdly cute cover. Look, pretty people!   (Don't get too excited, European readers: this is the US edition… Continue reading Cover Girls And Invisible Boys