Girls Heart Books

Honestly? I am almost as excited to unveil this little beauty as I would be about a new book. You see, there are loads of brilliant individual children's writer blogs out there. The Scattered Authors Society has been running a daily kidlit blog at An Awfully Big Blog Adventure for ages. There's Crime Central, an… Continue reading Girls Heart Books

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Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith

Elisabeth Sladen died yesterday, at 63, apparently after a long battle with cancer. It seems at best a bit daft to weep over someone you've only ever known via a fictional character, and my thoughts are with her husband, daughter and friends - but I clearly wasn't the only old Whovian last night watching¬† Genesis… Continue reading Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith

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Yep, that is me blethering away there in the background.¬† (Even the Mycroft Christie bits.)¬† That's my special 'oh no, I'm talking to myself, let's try to get this over and done with as quickly as possible' voice. MY INVISIBLE BOYFRIEND has now been read by lots of people who aren't my Mum, including the… Continue reading Trailer!