As adventure books introduce readers to devices such as catapults and endoscopes

As adventure books introduce readers to devices such as catapults and endoscopes

Adventure books are a bizarre mix of fiction, historical novels, and exciting stories for children and teenagers. Adventure books will appeal to those who are tired of everyday and monotonous life, as well as to those who want to learn a lot of new information.

Modern adventure books and their descriptions

We have compiled a list of best books on adventures on the basis of reviews by lovers of literature.

  1. John Dies at the End. This book represents something between «horror movie» and comedy. It says that the use of banned substances and the desire to «expand creation» do not bring good things ever.
  2. The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet. This literary masterpiece is dedicated to medieval Japan. Two soul-searching love stories will surely move readers through the book.
  3. Spirits of a Torn Land. A book that immerses readers in the New Mexico atmosphere of 1902. The protagonist, Nathaniel Stromler, goes out looking for money after bankruptcy and gets into various adventures.
  4. Tobol. There are not so many of Ones. This is an epic saga about the mastery of Siberia. It consists of individual stories that describe the fate of different people. They all intersect with the history of the region.
  5. Incarceron. A book that talks about a prison world where the protagonist, Finn, is caught. He is looking for a way out of prison and is willing to risk his life.
  6. Fight for Rome. A fascinating historical novel talks about the Pontian Empire versus Rome.
  7. The Magicians. It is an adventure book in which the protagonist gets into a private college of magic. Except it turns out to be a school and it’s not a fairy tale place.
  8. The Driver. This book is based on the true events of 1911. It tells of the first rodeo world championship, which has since become an annual.
  9. Game of Thrones. A famous and popular fantasy epic talks about powerful houses competing for power in the Seven Kingdoms.
  10. Looking for Alaska. The title of this book speaks for itself. The protagonist of the book, a guy named Miles, suffers from loneliness. His life changes dramatically after he gets into a private school and meets a girl named Alaska. When she disappears, the protagonist tries to understand the reasons for her disappearance and find her friend.
  11. Captain Scott Pole. This action novel is dedicated to an important event in the history of human civilization, such as the campaign of 1911-1911 of the polar explorer Robert Scott. In this book, this discoverer’s adventures are described and his struggle with the natural conditions of Antarctica.

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In many adventure books, the heroes attempt to infiltrate the hardest-to-reach places on our planet and explore what is happening there. In real life, we can track different objects using the Inskam application from the endoscope manufacturer. It interacts with devices via mobile phones and allows high-definition video content to be recorded and important photos to be saved quickly.

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