The best books to read in your spare time

The best books to read in your spare time

You can take a little trip with us right now to find out which adventure books you can read in your spare time. In fact, their list is not limited, but we will consider the best ones that have the highest score in the overall ranking. So let us start!

List of best books

Jules Verne is a very popular writer who has a lot of attention even from modern readers. Journey to the Centre of the Earth is a book that tells us about heroes who are going on a fantastic journey, but they don’t know if they will achieve their goals. We can also talk about Treasure Island, Robin Hood and White Fang. You’ve probably known these novels since you were young, but you can reread them even now and enjoy them. A great choice is the adventure novel The Island of the Day Before and Lord of the Flies, in which you can read about the characters who have gone on an exciting journey not only around the world, but also much further, namely beyond the mind. However, if you are very fond of action and crazy discoveries, the optimal choice is Lost Island, The Adventurers and Subterranean.

You can buy these books in the store, but you will probably be more comfortable to read them in the electronic version, it will be enough to download free iPhone apps. Then, you can easily read your favourite books anywhere on Earth, even if you don’t have Internet access.

The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club is a novel that relates to adventure humour literature. It was this book that allowed a young writer named Charles Dickens to become popular not only in England, but also outside this mighty country. The adventures of four friends with different interests and views, the only thing they have in common is that they are true British gentlemen. Since the first publication of this novel, two centuries have passed. Nevertheless, this book is still popular and it has a huge readership worldwide.

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Smoke Bellew by Jack London is a book by the writer Alexey Zuev, which is sure to appeal to teenagers who want to go on long journeys in search of the unusual. In this book, you will learn about the adventures of the personalities who went to the top of the Chilkoot Pass. However, they fell under the influence of the Gold Rush, and they changed their route and went to another place on the globe. There, they started spending their money at the casino. However, we won’t tell you what adventures these characters will face in the future.

King Stakh’s Wild Hunt is a historical story by Vladimir Korotkevich that was written according to all the existing rules of the adventure genre. The intensity of the adventure story, the romantic atmosphere of the story make it extremely attractive and informative for the reader of any age.

Marina Surzhevska Dverindarium. Eve Arden Levingstone is a rich woman and aristocrat, as well as a representative of a glorious and ancient genus. Her life is beautiful and carefree. She has got the right to open the door she really needs. Not even the eldest hated brother can prevent her. Trials, intrigue, danger and all that at every turn. However, you will have to learn what role she will play in this story and how she can do it if she is poor. She will overcome all obstacles in her way and go on a trip to Dverindarium.

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