Adventures books for programmers

Adventures books for programmers

Programmers are a special community of people that has developed over the last couple of decades. The fact is that many books can tell us about what it is, and what are the features of those people who develop apps for PC, smartphones and tablets, as well as websites. We don’t mean technical literature that would tell you about how you can make Robo 3T download to give commands to remote servers. We mean science fiction in the genre of adventure.

Monday Begins on Saturday

This book of Soviet phantasts Arkady and Boris Strugatsky translated into many world languages. It begins with the words: «Do you really need a programmer?» In this book, the authors talk about how talented modern people try to engage in science and learn the mysteries of the universe.

Strugatsky brothers ridicule gadgets, bureaucrats and all sorts of pseudoscience things, and they do it between the lines. This is a humorous story in which people from different countries find a lot of recognizable things. The fact is that its authors look at the very essence of the soul of a man who is looking for his destiny and wants to live in harmony with the universe.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

This is the first book of the trilogy of a talented writer named Stig Larrson from Sweden. The main characters of the work are two people. This is a journalist named Blomqvist and a hacker girl named Salander who has a dragon tattoo on her back. Stig Larrson has worked out the characters of these two characters, and for this reason, readers sometimes find it difficult to believe that the story the book tells was made up.

Salander has the image of a programmer in this book. The fact of the matter is that it demonstrates character traits that are characteristic of many IT professionals, such as closeness, fear of being present in public places and reticence. This book was adapted with the film of the same name, which we recommend you to see only after reading the original. By the way, if you will watch this movie on a laptop of such a popular brand as Hewlett Packard, then you should download HP Coolsense to ensure that your laptop is not overheated in the future.

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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo


Cai Jun wrote this book, which tells about the existence of an unusual website on the Internet. It is called «Lost Souls of Ancient Graves», the theme of which is to acquaint users with Chinese history. However, visitors to this website often commit suicide by a strange coincidence. This is a very unusual twist in the plot that will make you think.

The main characters of the work notice this feature and plan to deal with the ancient mysticism,  blood crimes, fear of ghosts of the past and other things that frighten all regular people. The ‘Virus’ is a novel that has had such a great impact on society that people began to call its author “Stephen King from China”. By the way, many programmers also love King’s novels.


Neil Stevenson wrote this novel, which claims to be one of America’s coolest science fiction artists today. This novel has several genres, such as adventure, dystopia, cyberpunk, and postmodern. This work will tell you a spooky story about two worlds, such as virtual and external ones. The first is one unified Metauniverse, and the second one is a network of small states.

This is an interesting book, from which you probably can not break away. If you are a programmer, you will surely be interested in its plot. So, there is a drug called “Avalanche” in both of these worlds. In this project, the protagonists have to follow the rules of the game to not die, and to do this they are trying to get a drug to find happiness.

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