Топ-10 best simulators

Топ-10 best simulators

Simulation games occupy a special niche in the gaming industry. Their task is to simulate the operation of a vehicle, process, or apparatus as close to real life as possible. Thanks to such games, it is possible to get some knowledge about professions that you can’t access in reality.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X

The tenth version of the highly qualified and most detailed flight simulator within civil aviation. It is still considered not only a game for those wishing to learn how to fly a passenger plane but also a tool used to train professional pilots.

The player can choose any of the 18 planes and try to land at one of the 40 airports. The simulator has a network mode, where the player can fly together with other pilots. To diversify the gameplay, the game, from time to time, offers to perform quite complex missions.


A god simulator that allows players to take part in the development of life on the planet. The user will have to conquer an entire world or even a galaxy. However, the player will have to start with single-celled organisms, and then lead the resulting living beings through all possible stages of evolution.

As civilization develops, it is possible to enter space and begin its large-scale colonization. But living beings must be watched closely, or their development may get out of control.

The Sims 3

A life simulator that allows you to fully control the character you create. The player can customize the appearance, shape character features, build a career and personal life, and develop communication skills.

The character lives in a city, builds his own house, and can choose the interior of each room, makes friends, and gets to know his neighbors. Sometimes you will have to solve his difficult problems, cure illnesses, and deal with sudden depression.

Euro Truck Simulator 2

Truck simulator, which combines road travel and the romance of the life of a big truck driver. The game perfectly conveys the atmosphere of leisurely driving from one point to another with a pleasant soundtrack. Sometimes the player will need to learn – for example, the correct parking with a trailer, which rarely comes out on the first try. If you plug in all the add-ons, you can visit most European countries.

Taste Maker: Restaurant Simulator

This a great option for those who have always wanted to open their own restaurant but do not yet have the opportunity. Undoubtedly, a real restaurateur builds his own establishment himself. That’s why the action in Taste Maker begins with the purchase of land, not with the selection of the menu.

Then there are no less complicated and important things – the construction of the building, the development of the interior design, the purchase of food, and the hiring of employees. As in any catering establishment, sanitary norms must not be forgotten. Over time, visitors to the restaurant may appear with original preferences, and you will have to cook the dish according to individual recipes.

Taste Maker: Restaurant Simulator

Car Mechanic Simulator

Thanks to this simulator, you can work as a car mechanic in a virtual workshop. The base of the game is about 40 cars, recreated with maximum detail. You can disassemble them completely to try to find the breakdown. You can sell repaired cars at car auctions.

Mirrors Edge

A parkour simulator set in the distant future. In a seemingly prosperous white city, a totalitarian regime reigns. Faith, a female courier, delivers the information, and she cannot allow it to get into the hands of the government. So Faith navigates rooftops using parkour and climbing skills. Every day she risks her life climbing walls and making dizzying jumps.

Snow Runner

A cross-country delivery simulator. In this game, you will not have time to enjoy road romance, as the main part of it is the hard work associated with fixing the winch or pulling the car out of the swamp that has sucked it in.

The main thing in this job is not the virtuoso driving but the planning and elaboration of the route in advance. Otherwise, you will have to pay for the lost cargo or return it several times at the beginning of the route.

Stranded Deep

A survival simulation that requires not only strength and skill but also wit. The hero is a sole survivor of a plane crash. He is now stranded on an island in the Pacific Ocean without food or weapons, along with his cruel nature.

The game perfectly implements the change of day and weather conditions, which does not make life easier for the main hero. You have to gather resources, create weapons and tools, and look for safe places to hide.

Gas Station Simulator

Everything you need to know about repairing, developing, and maintaining a gas station. In the story, the hero gets a half-abandoned gas station on an unpopular highway, which he has to turn into a profitable business. He has to learn everything from scratch, from trash removal to customer service.

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