Best Board Games of 2023

Best Board Games of 2023

It seems logical that the incredible variety of video games would lead to a decline in interest in traditional board games, with the possible exception of the evergreen and apparently immortal card games and chess. But in reality, people from all over the world, including industrialized countries where people have easy access to various electronic devices, continue to play traditional board games, which remain extremely popular.

There are several categories of board games. Developers regularly experiment or even come up with new versions of these games from scratch, taking old combinations and integrations as a basis. Plus, they frequently use current global events as a commercial element.

If we talk about specific examples, the project with the notable name Pandemic retains its title as the best board game of the year. It is natural for humans to plan and prepare for their prosperous futures in advance. And therefore, millions of people calculate different scenarios when playing Pandemic.

Another game that is being actively praised by experts and critics is Gigamon. Although it is suitable for children as young as five years old, mature and serious people also enjoy playing it. The game is perfect for keeping children, a group of friends, or a family entertained for about fifteen minutes.

7 Wonders

Top 10 Board Games of 2023

According to scientists, board games are better for children’s and adults’ mental health and intelligence than their computer alternatives. Some legends say that the Gods sent card games and chess to humans in order to provide mortals with some encrypted secret knowledge. This would explain their undying, centuries-long popularity among all peoples.

Yoga teachers and mystical gurus recommend board games as a way to improve concentration. Furthermore, some board games are recommended in educational institutions as tools for developing intelligence, logical thinking, and the ability to plan and calculate events many steps ahead.

Every year, authoritative international board game projects publish ratings of games in terms of their popularity, sales volume, and quality based on expert opinions. The goal of these rankings is to help board game enthusiasts make the best choice.

BoardGameGeek has released a new ranking of the most popular board games for the start of 2023:

  1. Pandemic.
  2. Carcassonne. The game is a worldwide success, with people purchasing multiple boxes at once.
  3. CATAN. The game has been a hit and in high demand since 1995. A total of 15 million copies have been sold.
  4. 7 Wonders.
  5. Dominion.
  6. Ticket to Ride.
  7. Terraforming Mars.
  8. Codenames.
  9. Wonders Duel.
  10. Agricola.

There are also some other games that are enjoying great success but could not make the experts’ list of the best games. One of them is the Imaginarium. The game helps people develop or test their ability to think associatively. It has quite unique gameplay.

A leader chooses a card and tells the group about their personal associations with the image. The other players choose which cards best match the leader’s association. Next, all players reveal their cards and should guess which card the leader has in mind.

Mafia is a fast-hit game for large groups of adults or teenagers of at least eight people. The game helps people develop their communication skills and deductive thinking.

Another fun game for a youth party or a romantic date is Battle of the Sexes. Players break into two teams based on their gender and exchange cards with sharp questions. Personal questions create a high level of tension, making the game fun and long-lasting.

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