The Adventures of Dunno and His Friends (Nikolay Nosov, 2018)

The Adventures of Dunno and His Friends (Nikolay Nosov, 2018)

As soon as the first part of the trilogy “The Adventures of Dunno and his Friends” was released in 1954, readers immediately fell in love with the images of Dunno and his comrades, the shorties from the Flower Town.

The kids, under the guidance of Doono, build a balloon and go on a flight, but later the balloon crashes and they find themselves in Greenville, whose dwellers immediately begin to treat the travelers and educate them.

The first illustrator of the tale was the artist A. Laptev. It was he who came up with the appearance of Dunno and drew a little man in a high wide-brimmed hat with a tassel, an orange shirt and a blue tie.

In 1965, after the death of Laptev, who illustrated the first and second parts of the book, his work was transferred to the famous Soviet cartoonist and graphic artist G.O. Valk. Having preserved all the details of Laptev’s work, Valk created over two hundred illustrations for the fairytale novel “Dunno on the Moon”, including on color inserts. Later G.O. Valk also worked on the first parts of the book.

None of the illustrators of children’s literature, who later designed the stories of N. Nosov, managed to reach the level of the classics Alexei Laptev and Heinrich Valk.

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