The Superglue Sisters GIVEAWAY

They've arrived! Georgie and Jem - also known as the Superglue Sisters - are now available in all good bookshops. Shy dancer Georgie and quirky, witchy Jem aren’t just best friends any more; now Georgie’s mum and Jem’s dad are together, they’re going to be sisters! It’s a dream come true. But what’s it really… Continue reading The Superglue Sisters GIVEAWAY


Superglue, sunshine, and compassionate souls

I have a new book coming out! In two weeks! If only it wasn't too hot for me to actually get excited. The UK is currently in the thrall of Actual Summer TM, aka a hideous sweaty nightmare in which we discover we didn't want it to be sunny after all. I'm melting. The cat… Continue reading Superglue, sunshine, and compassionate souls